Words & Photos by Rocky Maloney

Timberline Lodge was the scene was for the 4th Annual West Coast Session. Skiers from all over traveled many hours to get to Mt. Hood. Ethan Stone and the rest of the Park Crew at Timberline worked night and day to get their park up to par. Although the weather had some plan of its own, Tuesday night Mt. Hood received a fresh 8 + inches of snow. All the skiers decided to take advantage of some of the fresh May 5th powder at Timberline before seeing what could happen in the Paintbrush Terrain Park.

JP Solberg Slash

 JP Solberg getting his slash on…

Even though the snow was falling all day long on the first day, that didn’t stop anyone from getting down in the park. The jump scene was far and in between, but even made their way down to the rail garden. The whole crew of kids slayed the rail garden and ended the first day praying for good weather for the next few days.

Day 2 started out looking to be a beautiful blue-bird day, until everyone arrived into the parking lot and it started snowing on and off again. The light was a little better for everyone to get down on the jumps, and there was a 30 minute period of perfect blue bird sky for everyone to get shots.

Tim Gage

Tim Gage getting down on of the jumps in Paintbrush on Day 1

Max Peters Tail

Max Peters on Day 1 in Paintbrush

Adam Down Rail

Adam Battersby shifty onto the down rail on Day 1

Collin Collins

Collin Collins caught the brief sunshine on Day

Whit Foster

Ethan Stone, and Hennie VJ getting the shot of Whit Foster

Day 3 & 4 everyone was blessed with beautiful sunshine and warm weather. Also everyone got their first glimpse of the private jump that Timberline put together for the crew. The morning was the first real opportunity for everyone to slay the park that the Park Crew put together.

 Tim McChesney Rodeo Barrel

The Cheese getting his flip on.

Everyone got the word that we were all moving up to hit the private jump located at the top of Palmer. Everyone gathered on the table to look everything over, and before anyone could ask who was going to guinea pig the jump McRae Williams was headed in full speed. Everyone raced down to the bottom as quickly as possible and headed up Palmer. “This is one of the best jumps I have hit all year” was the quote of the day. From 11:30 -2:30 there was a consistent line of skiers anxious to drop. McRae Williams threw the trick of the day with a switch dub flip 1080 blunt.

The last day brought on another beautiful day and another opportunity to slay the big jump, and thats just what everyone did. Youngin’ Lyman Currier threw his newly learn dub flip 1440, and Utah native Erik Hughes stomped a dub misty 1440. Olympic Aerialist Dylan Ferguson kept in real with some huge lay-full’s, and even a full – rudy. If you don’t know what those are basically he did a dub 1620. That night everyone made their way back up to the jump for a sunset shoot. A beautiful night shoot to end West Coast Session, no one could have asked for anything more.

Tim McChesney Rodeo

Tim McChesney loving’ the big booter.

Mcrae Williams Nose

McRae Williams grapping for days.

Will Berman Sunset

Will Berman getting it down at the Sunset Shoot.

Big Ups to Brandon Pastuka from Amplid, Ethan Stone, and everyone at Timberline Lodge. Check out newschoolers.com for the final wrap up of the 4th Annual West Coast Session.

West Coast Sessions: Travel and Day 1 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

WCS Day 2: The Primer from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

West Coast Sessions Day 3: Testing the Big Guy from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

West Coast Sessions Day 4: Senders All Day from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.