Last year during the Telus Triple Challenge I did an interview with a good friend of mine Max Hill. I happened to be cleaning the inbox today and stumbled across this forgotten gem. Unfortunately Max got hurt during the Orage Masters and will be taking it easy for the next little while, but check out this old interview along with some accompanying media and check back soon for an updated version to see what’s good in Max’s life.


Answer these questions right now.


 Where is your hometown and what do you call home court?

I grew up in Craigleith, Ontario across the road from a ski hill. Blue mountain and Whistler is homecourt.

What was the scene at your hill when you started?

I started skiing around three years-old. I met some friends that snowboarded in high school and they taught me how to slide grind bars and try to notice my own style. Then my brother Taylor helped me start moving with things when I decided to not switch to snowboarding. 


What do you fill your cup with?

Double Jack and coke, short glass.

Who are you rolling tape with these days?

I’m filming with the Voleurz Family for their next release and CASG sundays. Really looking forward to IF3 for the official release.

Outdoor Graduation from Voleurz on Vimeo.

What the fuck is CASG?

Goodall started it as a street gang. Cole and Brindisi were in the last two edits we made. Robert, Ralph, Andy and Adam are making an appearance soon. then we have this gypsy godmother Jessica who takes care of everyones needs. We began releasing edits in that follow-cam fashion, and we all love trashing it until 4 a.m as much as the other.

C A S G sundays IV

How do you handle the tight pants disses?

Stand for something or fall for anything, I guess…

What spins in your pocket?

Mixtapes and Dr. Carter 

You don’t fit into the generic fashion style that Newschoolers seems to follow, where do you stand?

I think I am still trying to figure that out. I’m staying busy doing my own thing right now. I keep my inspiration open minded and try not to recycle things that don’t compliment my own style.


A stripper named Kristina told me you came to Montreal to shoot handrails, how did that turn out? 
Went to a cemetery and dug out a rail for 3 hours. Find out my skis were still in Craigleith eight hours away. Cole and Brindisi claimed it. I tried to bounce back by hitting the nightlife pretty hard and found myself in some late night glow with the CASG.

Who’s got your back?
My brother, Trashcan since 87’. Good man.

Afterbang leak, Go!

It passed the smash test 100%… doesn’t smear on cement and it can pop so hard you can call it soda. You’ll have to buy some to find out how they spread butter.

*A call from Doug Bishop vibrates into the conversation..

Doug Bishop: What is the most difficult part about being unique yet standing out of the trend of just being different because that’s what’s hot?

The hardest part is keeping up with the move on. We start shit then we leave it alone. 

How did you meet Doug Bishop?

I was thirteen or fourteen, he was about twenty two. He was teaching a freestyle course he wrote for freestyle coaches before I actually met him and could usually be caught chain smoking and snaking the line-up like there wasn’t anyone in front of him. He was the only thing moving in Ontario back then. One night my friend Andrew and I went to watch a slopestyle that he was announcing. We see him holding a big bottle, with a big grin and an even bigger slur. Rolls up to me and mumbles something like, “Ay you, yeah you! Gonna land swish on those rasching shkis Fawkerr?”. That was my first memory of Doug Bishop. He always talked about pushing skiing somewhere it’s never been and nailing as many chicks along the way as you can. Drove me to the U.S Open to show me what’s outside of Ontario. He’s one of the bigger influences growing up in the park, but once he moved away to Montreal with Chris O’Connell for it started getting harder to keep in touch. Damn, that’s a Cinderella Story. 

Not much of a competitor, Explain…

I can’t win cash the way I want to ride most days. And I get lost trying to constantly add rotations to my tricks. Filming with companies taught me how to find my own style and build our own features.


Any winter influences?

Started with Charles Grant and Nicky Adams when he was free. Wish David Crichton was still movin’.  

Crews films and friends, who else supports you?

Joystick, Line, Orage and Full Tilt.

LINE Traveling Circus Episode 6 – Planes, Trains & Automobiles from Line Skis on Vimeo.

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