Ever wonder who’s the mastermind curating the ski stoke that gets printed here at SBC Skier? Let there be no more mystery. Introducing our talented editor Andrew Bradley!


Andrew Bradley grew up in Montreal, QC. From an early age, his winter months were split between outdoor hockey games and a youth ski program that traveled by bus to the surrounding mountains. The intensive program included lessons as well as some coaching and free-skiing. After a brief ski racing stint, Andrew moved west immersing himself in big mountain ski culture, first to the Rockies, and then on to Whistler, BC where he still lives today.

Andrew Bradley shot by Finn Pomeroy.

In 2006 he enrolled in the photography program at Langara College in Vancouver, B.C. with a plan to hone in new skills and combine two of his favorite things: the art of photography and skiing. It didn’t take long before his images could be viewed in publications worldwide. Putting pen to paper he began writing stories to accompany his photos. In 2017 Andrew joined the SBC MEDIA team as Editor of SBC Skier, a position he is honored to hold. Both knowledgeable and passionate about free-skiing and its culture he is always keen to share stories about the people and the places that currently define this industry and is inquisitive of where it will go next.


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