Every once in a while we get angry emails to our editors about how much our magazine sucks. This latest one is a little different than the rest – as it is in response to an article posted by Jon Hartley (which can be found here) regarding the latest wave of Nike 6.0 “Chosen” ads, commercials and promo… We are a little confused as to why he didn’t just comment on the article, but needless to say, I think we can expect a response from our friends over BroBomb. 

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An Open Letter to BroBomb: RE: Nike Chosen

Dear BroBomb,

Did I read it correctly that you guys are pissy that there wasn’t any skiing in Nike’s Chosen? I disagree, skiing not be in Chosen was skiing’s biggest victory this year. The victory: the core-ness that freeskiers have failed at obtaining for ages has now been achieved. Our problem in the past was that we tried to be core – and that was a fail by default. In the past, we’ve changed the definition of core to reflect our successes so no one would call us sellouts. But this time, we became core without the word propelling our actions. All of the other action (read: sell out) sports are now featured in some commercial that I saw during the hockey game last night.

Freeskiing is now truly core for the first time since the first time since some guy got paid to have two sticks strapped to his feet. Why is this? We’re fucking trap stars. We have sponsors that let us progress the sport but we don’t better ourselves by doing it. This is exactly where the sport wants to be. We can get by and do what we want to do. We have nothing to our name but the two digits in our bank accounts, both of which are to the right of the decimal place. We have sponsors that pay for our shit but we don’t see anything. We have to do it for the love because we won’t see a dollar sign. No one is giving us credit. Non-skiing companies are starting to pour money into the sport but we won’t see a dime.

Hugs and Kisses,

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