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Mike Riddle

What’s it like to be Canada’s best halfpipe skier? Busy. Really busy. Riddle, who grew up in the City of Champions, spends every fall studying at the University of Alberta and is one of the few pro skiers who manages to juggle a serious school schedule with world-class competition results. The studying, both on and off-slope, seems to be paying off.     Last year saw Mike compete in Japan, New Zealand, Canada, and a barrage of U.S. events. There’s no plan to slow down either. After coaching at Momentum this past summer, Riddle is back in school until December...

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On The Plus Side: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

The snowbanks looming over us as we drive into Revelstoke, BC, say it all.     First off, it has been a winter to remember in British Columbia, with storm after snow-charged storm barreling in off the angry Pacific, dragging its ass over various mountain ranges and dumping large pretty much everywhere. Like many areas of the Interior, Revelstoke and its well-known alpine galaxy of local touring, sled, cat and heli-skiing have benefited from the meteorological largesse. But then the mountains surrounding Revy always seem to come out on top in the Western Canadian snow equation. Even in years where...

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Everybody Hates Toronto

It’s true, it seems, though inhabitants decry the lack of reasons proffered by critics. Still, one only has to read between the lines of the signs leading into this city of 7 million inhabitants to understand. There, in plain English (if not on the lips of many), lies the subtext of existence in the Centre of the Universe: Welcome to Toronto—Now Fuck Off. It’s called the T-Dot, T.O., Smoke City, Hogtown, the City that Fun Forgot. Many outsiders sarcastically deem it the Centre of the Universe. From the miraculous CN Tower (soon to be second-highest free-standing structure in the...

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