Avila With ski season right around the corner, we fired off a set of questions to various park managers to see what they had to say about changes happening in the 2010/2011 season. 

What will you guys being doing differently this year to keep the park in tip-top shape?

As always, we have a big crew of park rangers and groomers working day and night to provide the riders one of the best snowpark on the east coast. Blood, sweat, tears and a whole bunch of ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINKS (smooth plug – jm)  my friend! Don’t forget that we now have 8 snowparks all over the valley of Saint-Sauveur (and one more at Edelweiss). There is approximately 100 features over 6 mountains. That’s a lot of fun right there!

Any new features you want to implement? How will you keep the park fresh for the locals?

You really want to talk about new setups!? Right now, we have about 20 new features for the ROCKSTAR MSS SNOPRK at Mont Avila. Nice and insane! There are a lot of changes this year and all of them are made for the benefits of the riders.

Is the park layout going to change?

Like I said, this year is all about the riders. Beginners to pros! All of them! Yes, the park layout is going to change a little bit but still, we are keeping our sure shots. Our main goal is not to change everything but to make it better!

Can we expect a half pipe this year?

We are still working on that right now. It is not confirmed yet but if we don’t have a half pipe this year, we will have another plan ready to satisfy the demand.

Any cool events we should mark on our calendars?

Yes! There’s my list right there :

  • Taxis Hold Em/Rome Jibulation (December 4th 2010)

  • Axis Jam Nights (from January 12th to March 16th 2011)

  • Peanut Butter Rail Jam (January 15th 2011)

  • SNOLAB (February 23th 2011)

  • M. Challenge (February 24th 2011)

  • Axis Slopestyle (February 25th-26th 2011)

  • MSS SNOPRK CAMP (March 1st to 3rd 2011)

  • Ride Shakedown (April 1st-2nd 2011)

Be sure to check out the Mont Saint-Sauveur websites for more events (www.montsaintsauveur.com).

When can we expect the park up and running?

Every year we have a small park ready for the beginning of the season at Mont Saint-Sauveur. For the ROCKSTAR MSS SNOPRK at Mont Avila, it opens around the Holidays. Still, you never know when Mother Nature will strike so always be ready.


Anything you’d like to add?

Thanks a lot for the time and I hope to see you guys this winter at Mont Avila and the rest of the valley!

-Sebastien (MSS SNOPRKS Manager)

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