“I personally think girls tend to ‘sugar coat’ things to media and avoid exposing some problems. It is important for us to voice our thoughts, and I applaud Cassie Sharpe in particular for being the callout queen and exposing some of the flaws in freeski media. We need more of that.” – Brooke Potter

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Hey there Brooke! Have you ever read the Harry Potter… just joking. What are you currently reading?

Hopefully this counts as reading material… but there is nothing better than getting my daily fix in the Newschoolers forums. My goodness, the NS community has the best sense of humor and it is my guilty pleasure for sure.

Tell us a bit about your season.

I kicked off the season by driving (again) from Colorado to Vermont for Rails 2 Riches. In early January, me and Danylle flew out to her hometown in Montana for a couple weeks to film urban. After returning to Colorado, we got blessed with an insane amount of snow in Denver which made for some productive days filming spots in the city. In March we continued filming local spots around Leadville, Vail, and made a trip up to Steamboat.

I am now in Utah for a bit to try this whole backcountry thing out, and then heading to Hood later this month for the remainder of the season.

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How is the backcountry thing going? Are you coaching in Hood?

It’s completely out of my element but I really wanted to try it out. Yesterday was my first day out, and I am looking forward to a few more days out there this week!

One goal I have for myself moving forward is to be more versatile. I can’t just film urban and expect to be successful in the ski industry, there are so many things to pursue and try out. I applied to coach at Hood but haven’t heard back yet…

Who do you think is pushing women’s slope skiing? Women’s pipe skiing?

Cassie Sharpe for pipe and Emma Dahlstrom for slope. Cassie always sends it, and Emma has some of the best style.

A question from Danylle — do you feel the companies in the ski industry do a good job of representing the women who use their product?

Yes and no, it depends on which company.

I love K2 [Skis] because they promote girls in all different areas of the ski community for getting out there and ripping. Unfortunately there are companies who are less concerned about the skiing and more concerned about what sells their products.

Can you give us an example?

Virtika has quite a few models in their advertisements. I personally would like to see Katrina being the face of their brand instead of other girls who look cute in their outerwear. There are plenty of other companies guilty of the same thing.

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Your outerwear sponsor dropped most of their street and park riders this season. Why and how did you avoid the axe?

Honestly? No clue how I avoided the axe. When I found out you [Jason Mousseau] were done as team manager, my heart dropped because of how much you did for me last season and with that brand in general. I had no other Orage contact and truly believed I needed to move on. After hunting down emails and waiting over three months for an email reply, I found out they wanted to keep me on the team.

I was shocked that they chose to keep me of all people, especially after hearing all of the street and park riders that got dropped.

Do you have any thoughts on the whole situation and drama that later unfolded on Newschoolers?

Shit hit the fan real quick on NS regarding the Orage situation. I tried to speak up and got roasted, so have kept pretty quiet since then.

The worst part is that I know why our community is upset with them, and trust me I get it. It’s a real strange position for me because I am still getting support and representing a company who the majority of the park community now despises.

Newschoolers is the one place where people can speak their mind and expose some things in the industry that need to be exposed. With that being said, there is also a lot of false information on NS. Be careful what you believe and know the facts.

Who else is supporting you this season? What are they providing in terms of money, budget, and product?

My biggest supporters are K2 Skis, Tall T Productions, Phunkshun Wear and Orage.

I am blown away from the support I have received this season, and I honestly feel undeserving at times.

An example would be K2. I badly messed up a pair of skis on that Montana urban trip and they had a new pair shipped within a day. I don’t make money from skiing, have no budgets, and work two jobs throughout the ski season to make things work. With that being said, receiving a steady product flow has been a miracle this season and helps the bank account a lot.

What are the two jobs you’re currently working?

I work at Slope Style (a freeskiing shop in CO) and Woodward at Copper.

I consider myself real lucky to work two jobs that I absolutely love and that help me get through the season financially. Working 40-45 hours a week towards the end of this season was not ideal but the big picture is to save up enough money to work minimally next season and travel more.

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Is there anyone you really want to do a trip with in the future?

Tatum Monod is someone I would really love to take a trip with. I need more pow in my life and she asked me about hitting some urban in Salt Lake City this season which is rad!

Kim Lamarre is another girl who I would love to film with in Quebec. She is seriously the nicest, most genuine human, and kills it in the streets.

Does freeski media need to do a better job of covering women and their stories? Why is it important?

Oh yes. Honestly, there is a lot of women bashing in freeski media.

No, I am not all about the girl power, but some of the hate is wack… especially coming from major freeski media outlets. I personally think girls tend to ‘sugar coat’ things to media and avoid exposing some problems. It is important for us to voice our thoughts, and I applaud Cassie Sharpe in particular for being the callout queen and exposing some of the flaws in freeski media. We need more of that.  

Your chance to fire some shots. Give us one brand, one athlete, and one media outlet that needs to step up their game.

This one is intense! Honestly, Orage needs to step up their game on terms of communicating with the park and street community and healing some wounds they caused. Pretty simple.

I would love to see Maude step up and show more genuine love to all girls in the ski community. I have looked up to her skiing and style for a while but unfortunately have experienced a not so loving side of her and so have several of my close friends.

Media outlet… No comment.

What is the biggest catalyst in getting young girls skiing? And continuing in the sport as they grow up? What can be done to increase this?

I hate to say it, but competing is way too expensive these days. It’s pretty sad to see girls in particular giving up on skiing because of entry fees, traveling, and thinking there are no other options.

That is why I want to push the urban scene for girls, because the streets are free.

hi there

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Any words of advice for ladies trying to push their own skiing?

Never focus on what the industry “wants” you to do.

Do what you want to do… always! I was never keen on the competition scene and only did comps because I thought that it was one of the only way to make it in the industry and improve as a skier. That is so false. There are many other opportunities and areas in skiing that are overlooked.

Why don’t you think more girls are hitting urban anymore? Do you think there are more or less guys hitting urban these days?

I personally feel like more girls aren’t hitting urban because it has never really become a thing for us to do.

Danylle and I talk about it all the time, how all it takes are a few girls putting out street segments and then we have a new niche in women’s skiing. We are pretty damn determined to make this whole urban thing happen for girls. As for the guys, there are insane amounts of guys getting into urban which is why the level of urban for guys is where it is today. It’s unreal how it continues to grow.

Can we call you the ringleader of the Diamond Annies? Talk to us a bit about why you felt the need to create an urban ladies film crew.

I definitely wouldn’t consider myself the ringleader!

After last summer, a few of us girls decided to start a girl’s crew and put all of our park footage together for “The Last Park Movie”. Katrina really stepped up to leader position and we joke about her being the “mom” of the crew. When it comes to urban, me and Danylle have been pushing the hardest and the “ringleaders” in terms of checking in with the other girls and getting a few of them out there to stack shots.

Any final shoutouts?

Danylle and Katrina, thank you for everything you ladies are doing to push women’s filming. Josh Wong and Birrion have helped me insane amounts over the past two seasons with urban.

Rachel Bock for doing big things for the ski industry.

And lastly… SBC Skier for being one of the only media outlets covering the broad spectrum of the industry.

What gets you fired up in the morning? Coffee and some good tunes  

Favourite snack while shooting street?I always have Clif bars on deck

Urban pump-up song? Rick Ross- Pirates

What comes to mind when you think of Canada? Revelstoke…

What comes to mind when you think of SBC Skier? Honesty and keeping it real

Best Canadian skier? JF Houle

Best Canadian? Neil Young