The biggest change in the history of The Camp of Champions is happening this year. We’ve changed our price to reflect the savings our park size now allows us to take advantage of. Overnight camp is now $1885 CAD compared to $2395 CAD in 2010. Camp Park Only Access is $695 CAD compared with $995 CAD in 2010. CRAZY!

This year’s early sign up bonus is:

First 50 (of each sport) to register and pay in full receive a $500 prize pack at camp
First 50 (of each sport) to register and pay the deposit receive a $100 prize pack at camp

*You must purchase Coaching to be eligible for the Early Sign Up Bonus
*Early Sign Up Bonus ends after the first 50 of each sport register or December 1, 2010, whichever comes first

You can’t compare apples to oranges. The Camp of Champions Snowpark is at least double and sometimes triple the size of every other camps park or parks. We are bringing back our two handle tows so now you can do half laps OR full laps on the T-Bar. COC campers can get on the lift at 7:15AM and be skiing by 8:00AM. We ski until 3PM. At Mt Hood you are on the snow at about 10:30AM and ski until 2:30PM. The internet has helped make it easy for other camps to make it look like, in parents eyes, that their camp is the same quality as The Camp of Champions world class camp. The “looks like a ski camp, smells like a ski camp – must be a ski camp” situation made it so campers that wanted to hit The Camp of Champions for it’s larger and superior terrain park and top level coaching, were ending up at other camps because Mom and Dad say, “This camp looks the same to me as COC and it’s $500 cheaper – we’re sending you there.” Now your parents can’t say that anymore, you don’t have to ski an inferior park to save money. We are over $500 cheaper for the summer of 2011.

It has taken us 5 years of planning to get to this day. It seemed like forever. For the last five years we have been expanding our on snow footprint as much as possible. Our park, that was already the largest summer park in the universe, grew 20% in size last summer and in the last five years it has grown a whopping 50%. Now that we have finished getting all the extra terrain we can finally pass on the savings all that extra size gives us so that everyone who couldn’t afford COC before will now be able to now.

When you and your parents compare camps (and we hope you do), check their videos. It’s seems like what you actually waited all year for and you are coming for is an after thought. Skiing is why you are coming to camp. With our new pricing that the size of our park lets us make happen, you don’t have to end up at a ski camp with an inferior park just to save money. You can now come to The Camp of Champions for the same price or less as any other ski camp. We have just as much fun at The Camp of Champions as anywhere else, but we are all about getting you better at skiing, with coaching by some of the top pros in the world in the best summer park on earth so that you can progress like crazy.

Whistler is so fantastic, even the Olympics wanted to be here. Whether you were at another camp, wishing you were skiing the COC park, or already a COC hardcore regular, this is the most affordable year to come to camp ever. The Camp of Champions has it all – Live at the base of the mountain, 5 minutes from the lift, ski the best park on earth and have the most fun week of your life.

At COC you are on snow, skiing, getting coached and learning for 3 hours longer a day than camps at Mt. Hood. Our system works. Six of the top seven finishers (we missed silver) in the 2010 Men’s Olympic Halfpipe Event were camp alumni – former and current campers and coaches. I know it’s snowboarding results, but if Slopestyle is in the 2014 Olympics, our results should be the same or better for skiing slopestyle. We have the ONLY Olympic caliber slopestyle park. The results show that what we do, and how we do it, works. If you really want to get better at skiing and have an insanely great time, make a million new friends from all over the world – come to The Camp of Champions and get your shred on, not your face paint. Who knows? We could be bragging about you like we brag about a lot of our coaches, saying we knew you when… When you were a camper, before your life changed because you came to The Camp of Champions. Before you got sponsored, went pro, won contests and then came back to be a coach.

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