Caleb Brown has made a name for himself in the obscure line department. He’s always chasing a first ascent, a quirky line or adventure, but usually all of those at the same time. He recently went cave skiing, because why not?! Well, we asked a few more probing questions to figure out the madness behind this video. Check it out and the interview below.

SBC: How did you find this obscure line?
CB: I noticed it ski touring one day, it is just out of bounds at my home resort in Fernie. I said to my self, “That cave has snow in it, I wonder if it’s skiable?”

SBC: Did you scout it before going?
CB: My first attempt was one of the successful ones, as I’ve also had 2 failed attempts. I hike from the bottom right into it, so I scope it as I climb. The edit featured was the latest and most successful attempt, it was really cool to pop our heads out of the top, which I didn’t do the first time around due to a cornice.

SBC: What supplies/team did you need to make it happen?
CB: I’ve gone at it solo a few times, which wasn’t much fun, too scary. So this time I brought a good friend and local ski buddy Luke Nelson along for the mission. Other than our regular ski gear, we had ice axes, crampons and ropes to pull up our packs after us.

SBC: What was the scariest moment of the trip?
CB: Climbing up the cliff, if you fall backward you might tumble over more cliffs below.

SBC: What was the best part?
CB: Cave skiing is pretty much the coolest thing ever. So jumping the cliff out of the cave is for sure the best part.

SBC: Type two fun?
CB: It’s all kinds of fun, type one, two, and if there was a third, it’d be that too.

SBC: Once in a lifetime or once a season kind of thing?
CB: I try and give cave skiing a go every year, but try is the key word there.

SBC: Have you ever skied anything that remotely compares?
CB: No not really. The entire mission is so unique.

SBC: Any spicy objectives set for this upcoming season?
CB: There are a few lines on my hit list around Fernie. I’d love to ski a line on Mt. Bisaro which is behind the 3 Sisters and The One Eyed Monster west of town. Griz Face above the ski hill is also on my mind, which has never been skied without ropes before but it’s do-able with the right snowpack. My competition days are behind me and I am stoked to just ski stuff locally. That is what brings me pride these days; pushing the local limits and skiing stuff that hasn’t been skied before.

We look forward to sharing more of Caleb’s creative lines this season, follow him at @caleb_wb for more gnar! If you’re inspired to visit Fernie Alpine Resort after this article be sure to read this about our favorite Après spots and don’t miss the iconic Vodka Ice Bar!