The all mighty great eight questions, or as we call them – the GR8. Diving into each featured skiers favorites, best of’s and nitty gritty – or at least more than their Instagram profile will tell you. 

Mr. Dave Treadway, he’s most likely been on your radar for over a decade as one of the most influential skiers of our time and he is nowhere near retiring. Just as busy as ever Dave and his wife Tessa are continually hunting adventures, slaying big-big-big lines and traveling the globe. What’s changed? Now they share all of this with there kiddos Kasper and Raffi. Raising the next generation of skiers hasn’t slowed this power couple down, in fact, its revved them up! Check out our interview with Dave below for a power update. More from the “free range family” to come!

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Mr. Dave Treadway himself.


SBC: One word to describe what skiing feels like: 
DT: Freedom.
SBC: Albums you can’t live without:   
DT: I like music, but enjoy silence better. One Artist I’m into though is Josh Garrels.
SBC: Favorite piece of gear and why: 
DT: Peak Performance Helium Jacket.  Packs up light and small, so I can take it everywhere.
SBC: Favorite food and what’s your secret ingredient: 
DT: Sushi. Fresh.


Dave Treadway soaking in the sunrise from Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Photo by Abby Cooper
SBC: Most memorable moment from last season: 
DT: Raffi (1 ½) skiing all on his own top to bottom runs, and loving it!
SBC: Favorite place to ski in Canada and who’s with you: 
DT: 1. My family at Troll Mountain. 2. Pemberton Big-Mountain Hunting Club in the Pemberton Backcountry.
SBC: Best trend in skiing:
DT: Powder skiing.
SBC: Favorite book, or podcast right now:
DT: Bible. It’s pretty much all I read other than children’s books to my kids.
SBC: Spirit Animal?
TD: Wolf.
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