Dylan Siggers Q&A

Hey bud, how’s it going?

Pretty good man! Just winding down the winter hanging out, riding bikes. Just adopted a really cute little dog so that’s mostly what I’ve been doing since the end of the season.

A new dog eh? What did ya get? Is she a lady killer?

Haha like the daintiest border collie (6 years old). My girlfriend’s sister had a kid and the kid was allergic to her, so we got to adopt her. Sweetest dog ever.

Where are you originally from? Where did you ski last winter?

I grew up in Fernie. Still live here and ski out of here every year. I love Fernie, it’s got everything I’d ever really need. Rad mountain, lots of snow, sweet town. The mountain here is super supportive of us as well, so that’s a nice bonus. They’re all over the Burrrlapz thing haha!

Where did you ski last winter? And who did you have the chance to ski with?

Ha that’s a long answer. Most of the time I’m skiing with my two best friends Josh and Brody Mcskimming. We grew up together and they’ve been my best friends for ever. Our parents went to each other’s weddings haha. It’s awesome being able to shoot and ski with people I’m so close with. We went to Japan for a few weeks in January, Essex Prescott joined us there as well. I’ve known him for a few years now and been across the ocean with him twice now. He’s a serious asset to have on any trip. Sick skier, knows how to run a camera and is all about multitasking when you’re shooting. We spent a bunch of time with Essex this year, which was sick.

Outside of that, we got to show LSM and Gabe Taube around Fernie for a few weeks, that was definitely a  highlight of the year. Those two guys have amazing style and cool perspectives of terrain, and that helps when you’re skiing outside of the park. It’s easy to get stuck just skiing straight forward stuff and being with people like that totally changes it up.

Talk to us about this Burrrlapz thing.


Will you guys be dropping a movie in the fall?

Yes! Burrrlapz The Movie!

Me and Josh were at a theater premiere in Revelstoke last fall for a snowboard crew’s movie The Wasted Youth. The premiere was so fun, lots of buddies and lots of cheers, and me and Josh were like “Damn we should do this in Fernie!”. Then we kinda just decided to make a super low budget full length. Switch it up.

We shot mostly around Fernie and a few weeks in Japan. Didn’t really shoot anywhere else actually, together at least. I have a few clips in Whistler but that’s it. I’m pretty stoked on that because Fernie is really dope and I like to like, shop local bro you know?

I’m just working on it right now. I’m more or less editing the whole thing. Josh and Brody did their segments and I’m just gonna polish them, and everything else is up to me. So if you hate it you can blame me haha!

How did you first get into skiing? At what point did you realize you were pretty good at the sport?

Pff good at what sport? I’m just good with a GoPro.

Same as any mountain kid, I started skiing when I was like two. My dad was a ski bum, turn patroller, turn mountain manager. I learned to ski following him around the mountain (Fernie). It was wild, I’d be in grade 6 or something and get to go up with patrol and watch them do morning control and make big avalanches. Super lucky I got to do that.

As a kid my big break was probably when I was around six or seven and I got snowblades. Then I could go ski wherever I wanted, the skis were so small I could just jump, turn down, anything haha. Down the road from there the best thing that ever happened to me was digital cameras and movie maker. I went through multiple crappy cameras filming ski edits with my dad and friends. The Dad Cam was real for sure haha. I never really stopped filming from there but during my teens I never took it very seriously. Then out of high school I was kinda like, damn people actually pay for people to make videos of stuff, that’s wild. I bet I can ski every day AND make videos so I don’t have to get a day job. I’m super lucky with how everything has worked out in the last few years. Between sponsors and work, being able to film and edit has been my best asset.

Who are some content creators you take inspiration from?

Nimbus would be the biggest one. Their videos are like everything that’s good in this world. Oh, and The Manboys. That shit is the best.

What’s the plan for the summer?

I’ll be up to a whole mix of things. Lots of editing after this winter, mostly for Burrrlapz The Movie (November 2016).  I grew up mountain biking my whole life so that’s something I switch over to in the summer. It’s a good way to stay passionate about a sport without going crazy over skiing. That said I’d love to get out to either Hood or Whistler for some glacier skiing a few times. I always seem to run out of time working in the spring to make it out before it’s over. This summer I’m shooting for a living though, so I’ll have a loose schedule that should let me go on a few ski trips, depending on how much $$ I can save up! I’m terrible at saving money haha!

What are the biggest similarities between skiing and biking?

Skids probably. Watch R-Dog (Ryan Howard) bike. It’s like doing slashes haha. Best thing ever.

It’s cool too because where moutain biking is at right now, at least slopestyle mountain biking, is where skiing was when Tanner [Hall] and Simon [Dumont] were skiing pipe. It’s a super small industry and the level is still being pushed.

I think it’s gonna cap out soon, but [Brandon] Semenuk and [Brett] Rheeder are still getting better every year. Once those dudes burn out biking might get lame. Like competitive park skiing. Except it’s harder to look steezy on a bike haha!

And the biggest differences?

Racing is cool in biking.

Is there anyone you’d love to do a trip with? What about a location you’d like to visit?

Ahhhhhhhh jeez a whole pile of people. Hard to say.

I’m kinda warming up to the idea of Alaska finally haha, outruns without trees sounds cool. Utah would be sweet, I’ve never been there skiing. Oooh and Bear Mountain.

What’s on the docket for next season?

Brody and I have been talking about that lately and we want to continue to push Burrrlapz in a direction that will start to benefit us. We have a really good workflow, as were all childhood friends and they put up with my shit haha! So we’re just starting to work on what we’re going to do to make that happen. Most likely I’ll be skiing and filming around Fernie until January then start travelling and shooting from there. If we have to I guess, Fernie has a lot to offer and no one really shoots there. So it’s sweet it’s like having the whole valley to ourselves.

Do you have any goals with your skiing or biking? Anything you’d like to achieve throughout your career?

Definitely not with biking, biking is just for fun. But skiing for sure. I’d really like to be able to film with a big film company at some point. It’s always been my dream for sure, and what I get to do right now is a close second in my books. So I’m pretty content.

Any advice for those trying to make a career in action sports? Either behind or in front of the lens?

I’m still working on making it a career myself haha! But so far, for me staying proactive and always moving is my jam. I almost never go skiing without a camera. Be it a GoPro the full camera pack whatever. Every day I’m usually trying to get like a clip or a photo or something. And it’s not even really like I feel like I have to, I just really like making videos.

Being around people with the same mindset as you is really important as well. If you wanna go get shots but your homies don’t want to put in the work, it’s hard to make it fun. Cause if your not enjoying it what’s the point?

Any last words?

Shoutout to Josh, Dan and Dave at Line Skis, Adam and Paul at Commit Snow Skate in Fernie and the guys and girls at Fernie Alpine Resort for going above and beyond to support me and all of us at The Burrrlapz. Everyone always says this but we actually couldn’t keep doing these videos without your help.