With storm clouds swirling and the smell of winter in the air, pro skier Mike Douglas kissed his family good-bye, shouldered skis and camera bag and embarked on a never–before assignment to stand watch on the peak of Whistler Mountain for the arrival of winter. Armed with only his computer, his camera and his sleeping bag, the “Godfather of Freeskiing” documents the Inside Story of Whistler Blackcomb in the days before Openin

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Day 6

The Master Cut  Looking back on 6 days and nights Embedded at the Peak of Whistler Mountain, pro skier Mike Douglas pays tribute to the hard-working men and women, and the intense coast mountain storms that he witnessed. Reflecting on the beauty of a mountain in transformation, seen from inside the story, Mike concludes what every passionate skier and rider knows in their heart – it’s all about snow!

Day 5

Celebration – At last. The anticipation is finally over. Opening Day! On his fifth day Embedded on Whistler Mountain, pro skier Mike Douglas welcomes the excited first guests of the season. On his last night at the Peak, Mike reflects that this is not the end – another great season at Whistler Blackcomb is just getting started. Music Track: Clarity by White Apple Tree

Day 4

Count down – As opening day gets closer the pressure is on to get the mountain ready. Patrol puts pro skier Mike Douglas to work in the race against time before the storm sets in. Then, with winds gusting up to 142km p/h Mike finds out just how much his hut Embedded at the top of Whistler Mountain can take.

Day 3

Preparation – Pro skier, Mike Douglas wakes on his birthday, Embedded at the Peak of Whistler Mountain, to find that mother-nature has delivered his gift – a bluebird day! The birthday surprises keep on coming when Whistler Heli-Skiing pick Mike up on their way to prepare for the first heli-skiers of the season and an unexpected guest drops in to share his birthday cake.

 Day 2

Control – On his second day Embedded at the Peak of Whistler Mountain, pro skier Mike Douglas gets the inside story on what to expect from La Nina this season and the avalanche control work being done to prepare the mountain from veteran Whistler avalanche forecaster Anton Horvath. After a spine tingling sunrise over the Black Tusk and his first powdery turns, Mike confidently declares ski season to be ready. 

Day 1

Patience — it’s the one thing we all have to learn in the weeks leading up to winter. The anticipation is often unbearable as the weather taunts us with tell-tale signs that winter is on its way. For pro skier Mike Douglas, embedded at the top of Whistler Mountain, the anticipation is over and winter has arrived…big time. Follow Mike as he journeys to the Patrol Shack on Whistler Peak that will be his home-away-from-home for the next 6 days and nights, and follow his progress has he documents the Mountain’s transformation and preparation for opening day.


This November, pro skier Mike Douglas will kiss his family goodbye, shoulder his skis and camera bag and embark on a never-before assignment – to stand watch on the Peak of Whistler Mountain waiting for winter to arrive. Armed only with his computer, his camera and a sleeping bag, the “Godfather of Freeskiing” will document the Inside Story of a mountain moving into winter. Find out if he has what it takes to make it up there on his own.


Mike Douglas

In his 23 year ski career, Mike Douglas, has done it all – World Cup competitor, coach, film star, TV commentator, innovator, adventurer, event director, writer, film producer and more. Most notably, he is credited with the design of the modern twin–tip ski – an innovation that changed the sport. Known as the ‘Godfather of Freeskiiing’, Mike is constantly pushing forward and challenging the boundaries of skiing and the media that surrounds it. 

Though he has dabbled in filmmaking since his first high school project – a short 8mm film called ‘Born To Ski’ – it wasn’t until 2006 that he started to take his production work seriously. At that time he founded Switchback Entertainment and began production on the web-series, Salomon Freeski TV.

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