SCOUT: searching for talent across the country and featuring stand out skiers one at a time. On this edition of Scout, we catch up with Étienne Geoffroy. Hungry for progression this young gun has been busy crushing goals and stomping landings which recently got him on the Freestyle Canada Next Generation team. Skiing since age two in the snowy Yukon Étienne’s story is unlike any other so we just had to find out more.


Name: Étienne Geoffroy
Age: 21
Hometown: Whitehorse, Yukon
Team: Freestyle Canada Next Generation
Sponsors: Liberty Skis, Icycle Sports, Buff Canada, Turbine Outerwear.
Best Trick: Switch triple cork 1260.
Claim to Fame: First skier from Yukon to make the National team.

Étienne Geoffroy is always on the move. Exploring, training, skiing, traveling – he’s a busy guy.

SBC: How would you describe your signature style?
EG: When I’m riding I try to be as smooth and flowy as possible. Clean landings, no failing of the arms and hold onto grabs as long as possible is what I try to make my style about. All this and original outerwear makes certain rider stand out.

SBC: Goals for this season?
EG: This is my first season I will be competing in the World Cup and my goals are to get used to competing at the highest level and to make finals at least once. I would like to put down the best runs possible and see where that brings me.

SBC: What progression have you seen in yourself?
EG: A lot has happened in the last four years. My focus was always set on making the National Team and after a lot of hard work, I accomplished this at the end of last season. For this to happen, a lot of things had to come together. I had to learn to appreciate working out at the gym, recovery methods, visualization techniques and most importantly of all – I had to travel to better ski resorts to get the most out of my training. From there I trained very hard and slowly progressed my tricks and skills. I’m still not at the level I’d like to be, but I feel like I’m on the right track.

SBC: What do you think is trending in ski culture that shouldn’t be?
EG: I think people are forgetting the meaning of freestyle skiing. Freestyle skiing is about having your own style free of judgment. Competition skiing is slowly straying away from this and it’s easy to get discouraged if judges don’t like your personal style. This has created a trend of competition skiers that only ski to impress the judges rather than skiing for themselves and for the fun and freedom that freestyle skiing has to offer.

SBC: What are you crushing on your playlist?
EG: Trap music is what gets me the most fired up. Travis Scott and B.I.G. being some of my favorite artists. Their upbeat music helps me focus and most of all enjoy those silent chairlift rides.

SBC: Any pro packing tip from all your travels to pass on?
EG:  Biggest tip for packing I have is to only take what you need. It’s easy to get carried away and bring unnecessary items. The lighter you pack the easier it is to travel around, especially if you’re about to miss a train and have to run! Also packing your gear in a roller bag is pretty clutch.

SBC: How are you cross training these days?
EG: I have always been a huge fan of sports. When I’m not skiing you can find me in the squash court, volleyball court, soccer field or in the gym. This makes cross training easy for me as it doesn’t feel like a task, it’s a hobby.

SBC: Any shout outs?
EG: Big shout out to my mom for raising me the way I am, and always supporting me no matter the circumstances. Another big shout out to Lynda Harlow for keeping Yukon Freestyle Team together and help me make it where I am now. Last of all, shout out to my coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, and friends for your unconditional support.

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