Felix Rioux is currently printing a limited edition poster of Phil Casabon. The image was shot last season during the Orage and Level 1 shoot across Quebec. Here’s the deal:

Felix Rioux

Phil Casabon 36″ x 24″ limited edition poster on 200mm deluxe paper.

The poster retails for 25$ + 8$ shipping and handling anywhere in North America.
Extra 8$ for international shipping!
Shipped in a cardboard tube for protection + NS, Orage and IF3 Stickers
250 poster to be printed!

Option 1: Poster with no signatures: 25$ + 8$ = 33$ 
(+8$ extra for international)

Option 2: Poster with Felix Rioux signature: 25$ + 8$ = 33$ 
(+8$ extra for international)

Limited quantities (50)
Option 3: Poster with Phil Casabon signature: 35$* + 8$ = 43$ 
(+8$ extra for international)

Option 4: Poster with Phil & Felix signature: 35$* + 8$ = 43$ 
(+8$ extra for international)

*The extra 10$ charge is to give Phil a royalty fee and transport to his town and back.

Posters will ship starting September 7th

Anyone interested in making a pre-order can do so by sending the total amount to my paypal account:

(You don’t need a Paypal account, just your credit card will work fine…)

Follow instructions to “Send Money”
My Account: felix@felixrioux.com

In the comment box, please write down which option you want; Option 1, 2, 3 or 4
Then make sure to give me all your COMPLETE SHIPPING info 😉

1) I will not take out money until posters have been shipped.
2) You can cancel your order any time.
3) If you don’t like the poster once you’ve received it, return it as it was in the tube box (keep the stickers) and I will refund the money for the poster.

Félix Rioux