With plenty of experience riding the unforgiving plastic dryslopes in his native U.K., Leigh Powis took time out of his busy schedule slaying the Blackcomb Terrain Park to explain how to get crazy off everything from rails to the canon boxes popping up everywhere from the X Games and Dew Tour Slopestyle courses to your local hill.

Leigh Powis by Dan Carr

Dan Carr Photography

  • If your goal is to do a Misty 450 off of a rail, the first thing you want to think about is attempting some Misty 5s off of some smaller jumps to learn the rotation. I also find Flatspin 5s really help with getting your head around this trick.

  • The best feature to try this on is a mediumsized up box with a nice steep landing that provides some good hang time.

  • Once you’re dialed and ready to try it, you want to come into the box strong and not be thinking about just the flip—otherwise you might forget to slide the box! You want to visualize and think about the trick in the order you’re actually going to carry it out, so get on the box for a second and then set yourself to throw the axis you learned on the smaller jumps.

  • At the point where you’re setting your rotation, spot the landing for a split second before you throw the flip. This will all happen very fast at first so be ready for it!

  • Make sure you focus on popping, and as you roll over, leading with your shoulder, you want to spot the landing as soon as you can when you see it. Don’t stop or hesitate in your rotation at this stage—you may feel like you want to— but just keep going with it until you are all the way around.

  • Once you have the landing fully in your sights, as you touch down, you want to force your arms forward to keep you upright and to stop you from landing on your ass.

  • Put it down, stay strong, bang it, throw out some gang signs to your friends, and go do it again!