What we talk about most? Pro athletes, places and powder. What’s missing here? The army of souls that are ski crazed enough to shape their whole life around the sport without aiming for the spotlight. Yup, we’re talking about all those behind-the-scenes industry folk that live to ski and make their living skiing. Turns out there’s a bunch of shredders you’ve never heard named dropped in magazines and we’re about to change that. From developing ski tech to slinging skis on the slopes we’re pleased to introduce the people who make up the strong backbone of the ski industry one mover and shaker at a time.  

Meet Jill Young. Photo by Christina Lustenberger


Currently responsible for brand content, athlete projects and events at Arc’teryx Jill’s hanging with the pros and skiing alongside them. Most impressively, she’s keeping up with all of them while manning a desk job. Humble about her skiing abilities, she lets the photo evidence do the talking. Don’t let her gracious ski presence fool you into thinking, this little lady is any kind of shy. Meet her once and you’ll never forget the workout she gave your abs with her magnificent storytelling abilities.

As per any Jill encounter, it was fun, silly and inspiring to ask her about her career in the ski industry thus far. Read on to find out just how she got from icy slopes of Edmonton Alberta to getting paid to ski powder with the pros.

We see why you love your job Jill Young! Photo by Robin O’Neill.


Describe your personality: in 3-5 words:
JY: Dairy-free dancing queen. Skier.

Where did you journey into the ski industry begin?
JY: I was born and raised in Edmonton – a great place to learn to ski on ice. I left the prairies to do my undergrad in Business at UBC in Vancouver and spent a good chunk of it skiing in Whistler. I then decided to be really original and move to Whistler when I graduated to try to “find myself” and eventually ended up landing a job on the PR team for Whistler Blackcomb. Remember the snow phone? That was me for a winter. I managed 4 years at WB and finally realized that public relations wasn’t really my jam and it was time for a change, so I went back to Vancouver to do my MBA at Simon Fraser. While I was back on the business school grind I got a call from Sarah Leishman (who also used to work at WB with me) who was at Arc’teryx and needed help running their social channels. I said yes, worked at Arc’teryx while I finished school and the rest is history!

How would you best describe your career path?
JY: Really lucky and fairly random. I didn’t really know what my perfect job was but I always hoped it would exist in the outdoors industry. I went to school, worked hard, did a lot of chairlift networking and had parents that kept me in line. There was definitely plenty of time questioning if I should just become an accountant or a lawyer, but I did my undergrad in accounting and no one got my jokes… so here I am (thankfully).

Whatcha up to at Arc’teryx?
JY: I’m currently at Arc’teryx managing brand content, meaning I get to work on stories to support campaigns, athlete projects and events, and spend a lot of time playing around on social media and trying to think of stories and ideas that will break the internet. I work with a team of brilliant and creative people that teach me a lot and have become really great friends. It also doesn’t suck that we can have meetings on the skin track or bike trail. I really love my job!

Biggest career highlight so far?
JY: Career – moving into my new role at Arc’teryx was a big jump and I’ve already learned a ton. Skiing neck-deep pow in Jackson Hole for “work” was also pretty good.

Always on the go, she’s one busy bee. Photo of Jill Young driving through the Tetons by Robin O’Neill.


The soundtrack to your life?
JY: Now 4 and Big Shiny Tunes 2. Some say I’m stuck in the ’90s.

Place you’ve always wanted to travel and why?
JY: Portugal. India. Back to Tokyo because there is so much to do and explore there and the last time I was there I was hobbling around in a knee brace for 3 days which was really hard.

What cannot you live without?
JY: Almond milk lattes. Times two.

Who do you love creeping on IG these days?
JY: My sister Sydney just introduced me to @HalfBakedHarvest which the best for good, easy recipes, and I also really like home decor accounts like apartment therapy. I’m not very “on brand”!

Inspiration source?
JY: Music. Playing guitar. Traveling. Drinking wine, oh and being in the mountains.

What’s next in life for you?
JY:  In the short term, I’m so excited to get back on skis with all of the pals after blowing my knee last January.


For “work” Jill check out the Arc’teryx Instagram and The Bird Blog. For unfiltered shenanigan filled Jill check out @jillyoung_.