In the past couple of years, Instagram has changed the way we consume ski media. 15 seconds seems to be the norm now for ski videos, and what was once the place for b-footage is now where everyone posts their latest best trick. As content quickly comes and go, we decided to put together recaps of what went down on the gram in the past seven days, in order to see what you may have missed!

SBC Skier – Jordan Innes at Grouse Mountain, BC

We had another Instagram takeover last week, this time with Whistler based photographer Ilanna Barkusky. This photo of Jordan Innes at Grouse with the city of Vancouver in the background is just beautiful.

Anthony Bonello – Summer Time Pow in Whistler, BC

This is not a throwback. These two photos of Mike Douglas were taken yesterday…

Alexi Godbout – Pillows

Canadian kind of stairs 📕🍁📕 @_blank_collective Screen shot: @peacock_david

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Alex Bellemare – Sunset Shoot in Whistler, BC

Alex Bellemare with a switch 540 mute during a sunset shoot up on Blackcomb a couple weeks back.

Reuben Krabbe – Joe Schuster Sequence

Joe Schuster – Switch 540 Line

Another one from Joe Schuster, this time with a really cool looking clip from Seeking Nirvana Pt. 2.

Adam Clark – Angel Collinson

@angelcollinson just being awesome

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Bryan Finocchiaro – Pillows in Vail, CO

Ahmet Dadali – Real Ski

Should’ve Ahmet made the top 3 in Real Ski? It’s hard to say, but he definitely had one of the most diverse and unique parts.

Kaya Turski – Montreal, QC, 2010

A solid throwback here. We believe Kaya’s the only girl that’s ever had street shots in a Level 1 movie. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Tanner Hall – Woodward Tahoe, CA

Tanner Hall is hyped that Week 1 is on at Woodward Tahoe.

Momentum Ski Camps – June 14th

It’s also the first week of camp at Momentum, although it seems like summer has yet to arrive on Horstman Glacier.

… and you thought winter was over. This is @maxmorello shredding blower powder in our lane TODAY. Get here! Photo: @richglassphoto

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