Instagram Weekly Recap #8

In the past couple of years, Instagram has changed the way we consume ski media. 15 seconds seems to be the norm now for ski videos, and what was once the place for b-footage is now where everyone posts their latest best trick. As content quickly comes and go, we decided to put together recaps of what went down on the gram in the past seven days, in order to see what you may have missed!

Alex Bellemare – Momentum Rails

Alex shows us how ambidextrous he is on rails. That last trick…

Monster Energy – Evan McEachran In Whistler

Evan cruising through Horstman Glacier earlier this week. 

@evanmceachran decided to ditch the summer beach vacay for sunny park laps in @whistlerblackcomb! #skiing

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Seb Chartrand – O’Neill Week at Camp of Champions

O’Neill team rider Seb Chartrand enjoying the first week of camp at COC.

Jarred Martin – Camp of Champions

Jarred will teach you how to handplant at COC this summer. That is one fun trick you want to learn.

Khai Krepela – Windells

Khai also likes handplants.

Session 2 is going off at @windellscamp. 📸 @andrewmildenberger @handplantsacrossamerica

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Alex Hall – Windells Jump

A-Hall with two new doubles on Windells’s big jump.

LSM – Switch Right 270 On Backslide

LSM gets tech with this one.

☃ wii got this new rail trix today, swR270 backfoot 📹 @dennisranalter @superpark_dachstein #tricks #tech 😝

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Taylor Lundquist – Woodward Copper

Taylor having fun at Woodward Copper. Definitely one of the smoothest girls on rails.

Marc-Alexandre Dulude – Nykolas Desharnais at Akamp

Akamp, the only on-snow summer camp on the East Coast, was going on last weekend at Mont Saint-Sauveur, QC. A rope tow with two jumps and a bunch of rails at the end of June, what more can you ask for?

@nykkkkk52 qui tranfère sous le chaud soleil de st-sauveur en plein de mois de juin! 🎥🎿☀️ @akamp_ @axisboutique

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Snowpark Zermatt – Will Wesson Water Skiing

A throwback to Will doing some water skiing up in Zermatt last summer. Their summer park opens on July 9th!

@willwesson waterskiing on the glacier last summer. the summerpark opens on july 9th!! #zermattglacierdays

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Mammoth Mountain – June 29th

Believe it or not, you can still ski at Mammoth! Closing day’s on the Fourth of July!