Instagram Weekly Recap #9

In the past couple of years, Instagram has changed the way we consume ski media. 15 seconds seems to be the norm now for ski videos, and what was once the place for b-footage is now where everyone posts their latest best trick. As content quickly comes and go, we decided to put together recaps of what went down on the gram in the past seven days, in order to see what you may have missed!

Max Moffatt – Down Rail Destruction

It was too foggy to hit jumps that day, so Max destroyed Momentum’s perfect down bar instead.

@momentumcamps has been a blast! couple clips/swaps from today | 🎥: @geoffhewat | @libertyskis @spyoptic #Dancin #nsrepost #nsfamous

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James Woods – Classic 360 Mute

Woodsy throwing it back to the early days of “new school” skiing with this one.

So happy with this shot from @nickmartini @steptstudios !! Classic 360 mute, flying :)

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Jaeden Schneider-Clark – S-Rail

Swervin ‘n Dervin #blunt | 📷 @nickmartini

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Line Traveling Circus – Will Wesson

After skiing and coaching at Momentum for the past two sessions, Will’s heading to Zermatt for Season 2 of Zermatt Glacier Days. That’s quite the summer schedule.

@willwesson as captured by @dylansiggers at @momentumskicamps earlier this afternoon.

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Jarrad McCarl – Quarter Pipe Backflip

Jarrad taking advantage of the numerous transitions in COC’s park this year.

QP backie at @campofchampions with @b0ckmeister 📸

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Daniel Hanka – Butterin’

Dan’s never been to North America prior to this spring. Seems like he enjoys it quite a bit down here.

Butterin’ dem tails. Sick first day of @campofchampions @factionskis week! Couldn’t be more stoked! 📷: @b0ckmeister

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Simon d’Artois – Rippin’ Around COC

Rob Heule – Rock Climbing

Skiing and climbing in the same day? Rob knows a thing or two about it.

ski all morning, climb all evening was the theme of the week. thanks for the good times sea to sky!

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Tom Wallisch – Shred Optics at Windells

We hope there’s an edit in the works here. The Shred Optics team is heavy.

Maggie Voisin – Switch 720

Maggie with a proper switch 7.


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Noah Curry – Stinkbug

A weird grab makes for a cool photo.

S T I N K B U G || @surfaceskis @sportscreel @goodenoughbgk || @windellscamp is a fun place to be!

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Aiden Ulrich – Duncan Adams

Aiden posts beautiful shots from Windells daily. Do yourself a favour and give him a follow. 

@dunkadams cappin’ that bleezy

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