Whistler – Canadian photographer phenom Jordan Manley, who’s first published work appeared in Skier Magazine, won the Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown at the Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival in Whistler! Considered one of the most prestigious action sports photo competitions in the world, this year’s Olympus Pro Photo Showdown presented by Skier Magazine, Snowboard Canada Magazine and Dose.ca featured a 10 minute slideshow from five of the world’s best. In addition to Manley the contestants included famed snowboarding photographer (senior at Transworld Snowboarding Mag) Ian Ruhter from USA; legendary Red Bull adventure sports photographer Christian Pondella from USA; acclaimed skate photographer (Senior at SBC Skateboard Mag) Scott Pommier from Canada; and renown snowboard photographer Daniel Blom from Sweden. The Photo Showdown judges included some of skiing’s legendary photographers and journalists including Paul Morrison (Senior Photographer at Skier), Eric Berger (Senior Photographer at Skier), Leslie Anthony (Features Editor at Skier), and Jeff Galbraith.

Jordan Manley's self-portrait photo from Skier Magazine Fall 2007 cover was one of the images featured in his winning slide show

Here's what Skier Photo Editor Mike Berard had to say about Jordan Manley and his win:

Not so many years ago, I ran a website called www.WheelsandWax.com. When I first launched the site my goal was to provide an online community for action sports professionals to teach younger photographers how not to get screwed over by magazines and ski companies. In this industry full of eager young photographers willing to work for nothing, the companies have the photographers by the balls.

A young photographer was introduced to me via one of the established professionals on the site and although I didn’t know his name then, it wouldn’t be long before I (and the rest of the action sports community) would be familiar with it. His name is Jordan Manley, and this past week he kicked ass at the Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown at the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival. The Showdown is Manley’s fifth photography-based competition and his fifth victory. Going up against a stacked group of competitors (Christian Pondella, anyone?) Manley’s exceptional composition, eye for beautiful light and mastery of the slideshow format allowed him to rise above the rest and bring the crowd to their feet. Working with virtually no sponsored athletes, a small travel budget and even smaller pool of resources, Manley’s images are a lesson in hard work. Using no snowmobile, Manley is known amongst his models as a ski photographer who will hike farther, wait longer and occasionally, ski harder, than themselves. And it works. Manley always gets the shot.

After 3 years of shooting professionally and gaining the respect of the industry and readers the world over, Manley is in a position few ski photographers get to actually experience—within a day of winning the Showdown, Manley had been recruited by none other than Ingrid Backstrom for his first heli-ski photography trip to AK. Indeed, the tables have turned—it’s now Manley who has the industry by the balls. Can you send us your photo submission now please, Jordan? Please? – Mike Berard, Photo Editor, Skier Magazine

Jordan Manley collects a cheque for $10,000 as winner of the Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown. Well deserved!


Pro Photographer Showdown MC Mike Douglas kept things entertaining throughout the evening including walking out in a dress for his intro. In case you're wondering, this was Mike's one-up-manship over Feet Banks who walked out in his underwear the previous night as MC of the Festival's Filmmaker Showdown event. Nice legs!