SCOUT: Kasper Treadway

SCOUT: searching for talent across the country and featuring stand out skiers one at a time. On this edition of Scout, we catch up with Kasper Treadway. Raised by ski legends Tessa and Dave Treadway this little dude is undeniable making a BIG splash in the ski industry and chasing his tails is little bro Raffi.


Age: 5
Hometown: Canada in my camper trailer.
Best Trick: Grab.
Claim to Fame: Heli-skiing when I was 3.
Bio: Kasper loves to ski. He’s fallen asleep while skiing, peed and pooped while skiing, and breastfed while skiing.  He’s a regular little boy with tons of energy, and the best way to tire him out is to send him down a mountain, all day long. He lives out of a camper full time chasing snow around BC.


SBC: How would you describe your signature style?
KT: Cute, I’m only 5.

SBC: Goals for this season?
KT: I want to do a 360, ski powder snow on the steeps, and a double backflip. Oh, and a grab.

SBC: Progress most stoked on?
KT: Steeps.

SBC: What is your favorite music these days?
KT: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication.  I sing it all the time. I was also given a ukulele that I’m learning to play.

SBC: Pro-packing tip from all your travels?
KT: Get your mom to pack for you.  And remind her to put lots of snacks in.

SBC: Shout outs?
KT: My uncle Josh for skiing with me.  And my mom for teaching me how to Powder ski.

“I LOVE TO SKI!” – Kasper Treadway

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