LINES: LJ Strenio’s full part

LJ Strenio delivers arguably the most fluid urban skiing we’ve ever seen. Skiing the streets has never looked so dang smooth. No doubt a team effort, LJ Strenio, and filmmaker extraordinaire Jake Strassman got us really frothy with this one.

“I think what we have is pretty special. We didn’t want to send LJ Strenioto the ER this year, so we took the opportunity to do something that hasn’t been done in urban skiing yet – ski only and all lines. I think just about everyone I’ve spoken with, including all the skiers from Tom Wallisch to Phil Casabon said they were honestly impressed with the fact we only filmed urban lines. I believe this is something that should definitely leave a mark. And now that we’ve had the ability to reformat it into a real segment not limited to 90 seconds, we were able to let it breathe and add in extra shots and supporting footage that hasn’t been seen yet.”  Jake Strassman (filmer and editor)


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