Redirect with Magnus and LSM

What brings you to Canada this winter?

Magnus Graner: Red Bull Redirect is the main reason. I got the feel for comps after Dew Tour streetstyle. Also going to link up with good homies HG crew and LSM.

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Tell us about the Redirect course?

MG: Super tight, quick course. So dope. So many lines. It’s definitely the craziest competition course that I have ever skied. The possibilities are unlimited but there is a no fuckup zone, so you better stay on the right carve at all times. It’s also cool to be skiing natural features, especially when the park crew did such a good job building and shaping everything

Do you have favourite feature?

MG: Probably the first wall. It’s really fun and there are lots of options on how to approach it.

Who are you excited to watch ski?

MG: LSM of course. JF Houle. Everyone really — the rider list is so diverse and it’s definitely going to be fun to watch. Emile was also sending it in the practice, so I’m excited for what he pulls out in the comp.

Why did you get invited?

MG: I’ve been putting out a lot of urban parts, that people who hyped. Definitely through film parts rather than comp results, that’s for sure.

Any bets as to who will come out on top?

No idea! Way too tough to call.

What’s the plan after the event?

 LSM and I are headed back to Europe to shoot some stuff. We don’t really have a plan, but we’re just going to get out there and get shit down.

Winners Magnus Graner, JF Houle and Emile Bergeron celebrate after the Red Bull reDIRECT in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada on February 12th, 2016
Winners Magnus Graner, JF Houle and Emile Bergeron celebrate after the Red Bull reDIRECT in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada on February 12th, 2016

Lucas, what brings you to Canada this winter?

Lucas Stål Madison: I Got family in Vancouver but only visited in the summer so a big BC trip has been on the wish list for a long time! Been here for almost 4 weeks now just traveling around British Columbia.  Had two really pitted weeks with Dylan Siggers and the Burrlapz boys in Fernie at first. Then they sent it to Japan so I got word my homie Jeremie Veilleux was in Nelson for a few days so sent it over there. Then we wanted to stay around but had no place to stay and one day we went for food at El Taco and met Leroy Maarhuis who recognized us and invited us to crash in his crib and now we’ve been on the touring film mission around Whitewater!

Yup, that sounds like Nelson! How has the skiing been at Whitewater?

LSM: Whitewater’s base is ridiculous right now. It was my first time there and I felt like there were a lot of opportunities to film pillows and cliffs, and that there was mad fun terrain right off the lift. And the first time I went to the resort, I went alone and shared my first chair with a 60-year-old local man who immediately showed me his favorite tree skiing spots. He was like, “Oh well you like to shred the trees eh, follow me!”

Most people know you as a street or park skier. Do you have a lot of prior experience skiing pillows and powder? How has the transition been if not?

LSM: Grew up in the streets and its what I’ve done , but I always loved surfing the pow, took every chance to get barreled, but had no budget to chase snow until now so taking the opportunities skiing has given me to go to places where the snow is so good it forms into to marshmallow pillows:) All new to be,

All new to be, learning more every time we go out and that’s also a huge push of energy and straight bless.

Are there any other BC resorts or ops you want to check out in the future? 

LSM: Revy, Retallack, and RED are like all I know of. All my friends and stories make it sound like the sort of stuff I’d like to explore. Just anywhere in BC is fine for me man , I bet there a Bunch of smaller ill ones as well.

What about more backcountry focused crews you’d like to shoot with? 

LSM: I think TheBunch will be coming out with some hammer new pow shit over the next couple of years. Stoked to go out with the boys and turn up the game. So many good skiers and crews out right now and had a blast with every crew I’ve gone out in the backcountry with. Love to film some stuff with the illest pow crew out right now, though. The Big Picture. Shout out.

Why don’t you think more people are putting on urban events like the Red Bull ReDirect?

MG: Streets skiing is still young and there is not a lot of industry people that have passion for it. It doesn’t seem like the money is there either so without seeing the profit in it there will only be passionated people fighting for it. The passionated people are busy stacking shots in the streets right now but soon there will be more time for these people to put more focus on business and thinks will flip around.

LSM: True, we’ll see more of this soon enough.


Enlighten our readers about the Creation Nation. Can we expect this to be an annual event?

The resort we work with is amazing and they basically give us free reign to do what we want with the park. It will be happening April 13th to the 17th, 2016.

It’s basically a gathering of like-minded skiers, to ski and feed off of each others vibes. We also plan on going heavy with content and live social media, and do mini-contests through the day like a trick for case. The goal is to create a good environment to have a good time and push each other skiing.

Invites are a group decision — like everything else that happens with The Bunch. We’re really looking for riders that inspire us to ride and push our skiing and the sport as a whole. We’re hoping to get a lot of the young Swedish up-and-comers to join as well, to help them get some exposure on a bigger platform.

Would there be any interest in bringing the event to North America?

Yes, definitely. We have some ideas going and we’re doing everything we can to make sure we can grow the event and expand the type of competitions found in skiing. I think it’s really important to create an environment where non-competition skiers can ***compete.

Magnus, you were recently dropped by a Canadian outerwear company who cleaned house and ended ties with the majority of their park and street riders. What are your feelings on the situation?

Okay so I’m gonna let this shit out… Fuck Orage! I want some changes and to do that I have to speak up. People say that the ski industry is too small so you gotta be everyone’s friends.. Fuck that. If you try to aim for everyone your stuff gets plain. Orage has been the illest brand for so long and I still respect their achievements but I can’t back their new image. They backed out from their roots and newschool freeskiing which is my life, so how can I ever support that?

I don’t want to talk about Finito, as I believe everyone should just click play and watch it if they haven’t already. With that being said, I’m curious to hear your thoughts regarding the community’s reaction to it?

MG: I feel like we have opened some people’s visions on skiing. To make people think different and new about their skiing is the biggest thing we have ever accomplished. I’m humbled to be with my crew, I could never have done it on my own. Also, never would have happened without help from idols and friends, shoutout to Bdog, Henrik, Hornbeck, Wesson, Gagniers, Ahmet, Delorme, JF and many more.

Why end it with Finito?

LSM: The Bunch have been traveling together as a big group for 3 years creating our full movie Trilogy. Before that we went to border school, lived together and made edits for 3 years. The cycle continues and for the next 3 we will…

MG: It just felt right.

What’s next?

MG: Just got back from a crazy bunch trip to India and Kashmir. I don’t wanna go into specifics but it was the wildest trip I have ever been on.

LSM: After Quebec I fly to France for B&E invitational! Be on the lookout for new releases on the web: @thebunchstagrams @LSMconnected @magnusgraner & !


What are your favourite pieces of visual ski media?

Magnus Graner


Lucas Stål Madison

  1. Big Picture edits
  2. Nimbus movies
  3. Houligan

Quick Hits

Favourite meal before a day of urban? LSM: Banana pancakes

Favourite snack while shooting street? LSM: Coffee and snus

Who’s going to win X Games Real Ski? LSM: Red Ledge — MG: Someone’s favorite skier

What comes to mind when you think of Quebec? LSM: Queen of England — MG: Street skiing 

What comes to mind when you think of Canada? LSM: BC buds — MG: Powder skiing

Favourite Canadian skier? MG: Phil Casabon — LSM: I mean ye B-dog

Best Canadian? MG: Phil Casabon — LSM: The Grits