For those not in the know, tell us what Low Pressure Podcast is all about.

The Low Pressure Podcast: The Podcast for Skiers is a weekly podcast which features conversations and stories with the people and personalities that make up our global ski community.  We consistently host the world’s best skiers and get an opportunity to hear their thoughts and opinions, interests and goals and anything else we can fit into an hour conversation.  

To keep things interesting we change it up from time to time and produce documentary style episodes.  They can be based around special events or ski related travel or just with ordinary skiers with great stories to tell.  If I’m personally interested in a story,  I’ll put it out there for everyone else to enjoy.

We are entering our 4th season and you can find a new episode every Thursday from mid November to the end of April with the occasional bonus summer features.   You can get the LPP by subscribing on iTunes and Stitcher Radio(android) and can get more by following us on social media with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


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We recently posted an article with our top ten podcasts from the last year. Do you have a personal top three you could share with us?

The very first one with Ian McIntosh is one of my favourites because it’s the first one!  A lot of hard work, doubt, countless setbacks and an all-encompassing uncertainty shadows everyone that undertakes a major project. I’m no different.  Clicking the button to upload that episode was a feeling of accomplishment that has been second to none.

Another episode I love was with Mike Shaw as the guest.  It’s actually a two part episode.   Mike broke his neck and became paralyzed while coaching skiing in Colorado.   After surgery the feeling slowly started to return to his body.  He explains in detail about the accident, what was going through his head at the moment it happened and the slow start to the recovery process. When we recorded 3 months after the accident, he was still in a rehab facility re-learning how to use his body.   I’m happy to say that he has since been back on skis and has returned to a fairly normal life. That episode extends beyond skiing and is a great story for anyone to listen to.

I honestly can’t and won’t pick a third.  There have been so many great conversations with so many great people on the show.  I feel like I’ve learned so much and have developed as a person from the entire catalogue as a whole that I couldn’t single one out.  My suggestion is to go and find which ones speak to you… pardon the pun.

Who are three people you’d like to talk to in the future, and why?

  1. Warren Miller. He started it all and his voice is iconic!  I can only imagine how stoked I’d be to hear him on the LPP.
  2. Candide because he’s probably the best skier on the planet.
  3. I know it’s not possible but I would’ve loved to have JP and Shane on the podcast.  There aren’t too many bigger than life personalities like them around these days.  Plus they were my heros.

What was your initial goal when creating LPP? Has it changed over the years?

The initial goal was to just do it.  While making dinner one night I wanted to listen to a skiing podcast and couldn’t find one.  Later that evening, before going to bed,  the light bulb popped up above my head and I said to myself, “I could do that!”  So I did.   I wanted to create something that I would to listen to.  That’s how I produce the show.  If something or someone interests me I’ll try and make an episode about it.

The basic concept is the same  but I’m getting better at it as the show progresses.  Ideas that I didn’t know what to do with are now becoming possible.  Guests are getting much easier to connect with.  People have started to discover the LPP and our listeners and subscribers are growing unbelievably fast. This past season there have been a lot of fans sharing their feedback and support which has been amazing. I’ve gotten everything from guest requests to heckling to emails from people upset with how they perceive my political views. I’ve also received some great messages of the impact the show has had on certain people.  That has encouraged me through the lows and reminds me that this is fun and how much I really do enjoy it.  Keep it up people!  I love the feedback.

Let’s talk about your fan base a bit. Who are your listeners? What has been the biggest catalyst in growing it?

They are the people who love skiing and always want a little more.  It’s the 9-5’er who sits at a desk all day and checks the snow and weather reports for his local hill five times throughout their shift.  It’s the kid who’s in high school, maybe a year or two from graduation, that dreams of moving to the mountains with every waking breath.  It’s also the person who is completely burned out with the endless barrage of edits, grams and visuals and wants something they can think about…and listen to.  It could also be for the person who wants a little background noise while they’re vacuuming or something.

What kind of content do you consume? Do you often find it influencing your episodes?

I’ve found my content consumption has dropped significantly since I launched the podcast.  I think it’s because I don’t actually want it to influence my episodes.  I want to be as fresh as possible when thinking of things to talk about with my guests.  I AM a fan of the 15-20 minute features that have been coming out lately. The Seeking Nirvana guys have been doing a great job with their series and the return of Jordan Manley’s “A Skier’s Journey” has been fantastic, as expected.

What advice do you have for those with an idea unsure about if or how to make it a reality?

Just start.  If you want to do something, just go do it.  Every idea has to have a first step.  It is that simple.

As I’m sure you know firsthand, it’s never fun bringing up injuries. Can you tell us what you went through last winter and how the road to recovery is treating you?   

Last winter was great!  I actually waited until the end of the season to blow my knee. I tore my ACL and MCL in April and had to wait until July to have surgery to get it repaired.  It’s been a long summer.  The surgery went well but the knee didn’t respond very well to the first few months of physiotherapy.  It was very, very stiff and has taken a long time to regain it’s range of motion.  It can be frustrating when you have a specific plan or goal in your head but your body decides it’s going to be on its on program.  There’s nothing to do but adapt,  try to be positive and keep working on it.

Injuries not only bring on physical symptoms, but emotional and mental hurdles as well. Why doesn’t our industry treat these issues with the same transparency as say, a knee injury?

That’s a great question.  I think it’s because it’s not as simple to diagnose or even detect emotional stress.  With something like a knee injury for example, we can scan it to determine the severity of the injury.  Once we know what’s wrong there is a specific sequence of events and tasks to get it back to where it was.  You can’t scan a person’s feelings or mental well being.  Everyone is completely different with how they process things.  It’s also something that can be very, very personal.  It would love to see some more initiatives that focuses on mental health in the action sports industry.  

Do you think traditional freeski media need to do a better job of covering certain aspects of the ski community?

That isn’t something I really have much of an opinion on.   Each individual outlet has their own mandate for what they cover and who they cater to.  Since I moved to Whistler, I’ve been a 100+ days a year resort skier. That’s been my thing. Some people spend everyday in the backcountry, or the park.  I create content that’s relevant to me based on my own experiences and hope that it resonates with the people that find and consume it.  The others can do their own thing and hopefully it works for them.


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What are your plans for the upcoming season? Both personally and with LPP?

There are a lot of great guests lined up for this season. We’ll be adding some video elements as well with some live streaming and YouTube stuff.   As for me, I’m going to keep rehabbing hard and will hopefully see the snow sooner than later.

  • Whistler or Blackcomb? Darkside.
  • Favourite run? Mid-mountain, storm day, trees.
  • Who mounts your skis? Turtle – Eric Ruthowsky.
  • Bootfitter? Sam McDonald at Surefoot Whistler. The Best.
  • Favourite spot for…
    • Breakfast: Riverside Cafe at the campground  
    • Lunch: Smoked meat wrap at Glacier Creek Lodge on Blackcomb
    • Dinner: My House
    • Apres: The brand new Handle Bar Cafe and Apres at the base of Blackcomb
  • Early season or late season? Early
  • Favourite event / festival? Opening Day
  • Favourite person to ski with? My man Big Bird
  • Favourite pro to watch ski a line? There are so many good shredders. It’s the lines I like.