Mack Jones and Colston Vb, good skiers and good people, that being said, they come from opposite sides of the ski spectrum. Party partners by night, these guys are completely different when they get to the hill. Mack slays parks all over the west coast while Colston spends his winters scouting lines and following the snow, where ever that takes him.

Colston VB Blasting Through Some BC Pow

Mack Jones made the move out west from Ottawa, leaving behind its rolling hills and parks for big mountain and a bigger scene. This man skis like a beast, stomping landings the way they should be stomped, and in my opinion has the best trick selection of anyone coming up that I have seen. Lately Mack has been on his grind, filming with Voleurz, PYP, and Toy Soldier Productions, no doubt putting together solid segments with all of them.

Growing up in Rossland B.C, home to Red Mountain, Colston got his start skiing the deep white stuff and sending big rocks. His urge to ski pow and drop cliffs never waivered. He has been able to steer clear of the bright tall tees and gang signs that suck so many into the park game. With his consistent hard work and an almost concerning never ending smile, Colston is now starting to make some noise in the big mountain scene, competing all over the coast and filming with the Voleurz family.

I took some time to talk to both of these young men and asked them the same set of questions to get an inside look at both sides of the ski world. This is what they wanted you to know.

Far from the nearest powder stash, Mack Jones throws a rodeo 5 over a perfectly manicured kicker at Camp of Champions

Big mtn / park / pipe – what takes over?

CVB: I can see park skiing getting a little played out. Don’t get me wrong, right now I love the park stuff, I’m a fan, but now that pipe is in the Olympics and slope is being pushed to be an Olympic event I can see it getting too regulated. More judging doesn’t make it better.

In my mind, big mountain deserves more main stream respect. It brings out more in a skier; it takes a more creative skier to pick a sick line. To me the mountains are limitless and skis were created to access the mountains so that’s where they should be used.

MJ: I’m a little biased on this one due to the fact that being originally from the East coast, park is what I grew up shredding and continue to ride the most. The fact that you can always learn something new and push your limits never seems to get old to me, so in my mind park riding takes over… for now. But after spending a week in Retallack this winter and seeing what the bigger stuff is all about, I’d say big mountain takes over in terms of straight up gnarliness. I’d never really stood on top of a line and been like, “No idea where I’m going, ok let’s just survive… dropping!” until then and it gave me some serious respect for the mountains- definitely want to do more big mountain stuff. Then of course there’s pipe, which is going to take our sport to the next level. I have so much respect for the guys who slay pipe, some of the stuff they’re doing now is insane! With it now being a part of the Olympics, pipe skiing is going to take the sport right to the mainstream with guys like Dorey, Riddle, and Margetts leading the charge… and who better to do that than some awesome Canadian dudes, right?

What has to change with contests? Big mountain / Half-Pipe / Slopestyle…
CVB: Big Mountain contests are getting there, now there is a “style” category so doing tricks is now a big part of your score which I like. Still though, it seems to be who’s the gnarliest, not always who’s skiing the best. It is getting so hard to place well in them without totally risking your life because the level of gnar is so high. I would hate to be a judge for big mountain contests.

One thing that could be changed in my opinion is the on hill inspection. There is no reason why inspection can’t be done visually. We had a number of instances this year where it would snow over a foot but then due to heavy athlete inspection of the venues in the morning it would be hard pack by the time anyone got a chance to ski.

MJ: Honestly, I’d have to say that contest trends in both big mountain and slope are really cool and I like the direction things are going. In terms of big mountain, more events like Red Bull’s Linecatcher and Cold Rush would be good. Those contests are so cool to watch and must be a blast to be a part of… much more interesting that your typical big mountain events where the win goes to whoever is most extreme. In slope, the courses are getting much more creative with unique jibs and jumps that require more than your standard slope tricks, which makes it fun to watch everyone do things you’re not used to seeing rather and 38 doubles and a 270 disaster.

Maybe one thing that could change is the weighting of points on jumps vs. rails. Sometimes I find in slope contests that riders do the bare minimum on the rails in order to not ruin their run before the jumps, because they know that the jump line is where the high scores are earned. That may just be me, but it would be good to see people take more risks on the rail sections and actually be rewarded for it.

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Ski videos need…

CVB: Better soundtracks for sure… Narration like the old days with would be tight…those movies were rad. The narration was interesting and gave people who don’t know skiing at all a chance to really get into it, not just, “we got here and did this, it was sick”.

I am more stoked on collaborative projects than the same companies producing the same movies with the same athletes year after year.

MJ: Aggressive hand gestures at the camera, dubstep, extreme editing, and fancy intros……. kidding! I’m actually a huge ski nerd and am pretty stoked on where ski movies are right now, I just love watching skiing. Insert photo of me in nerd glasses watching ski movies here. A lot of people watch a movie and then go right into hating on what wasn’t in it, what sucked, etc… When I watch a movie I like to spend my time getting stoked on what actually happened rather than what was missing. Yay for skiing, holler!

Who is the next skier to make waves, out of your crew? 
CVB: My Rossland homies are REDICULOUS, they are all so sick. They just ski and sled for fun on the weekends and drop bangers all the time, just without the cameras. To me that’s the best, people who shred hard just because they love it, shout out to Brodie Evans and Alex Berg.

MJ: Rob Heule. Probably my favorite person I got to ride with this winter… he has an uncanny ability to stomp urban rails in a limited number of tries, has some of the best style going right now that is super unique to him, kills it on the Dew Tour in pipe with one of the coolest runs out there, and just happens to be the nicest guy you just might ever meet. Oh… and he drives across North America all winter in the sickest GMC van named Terry, say somethin’.

Mackstradomus and Colson VB, son of Miss Cleo, tell it how they see it. Now we sit back, wait, and see what the future really holds.

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