“With Voleurz it’s not really about who does what. It’s more or less a never ending individual competition to see who has the most fun.” – Colston VB

There is too much goodness in this article to try and summarize it into a few sentences, so just scroll down and enjoy everything Voleurz has to offer (don’t forget to check out their website either).

  • “Look on the Bright Side” feature film (in case you live under a rock)
  • Interview with Voleurz athletes about skiers and snowboarders riding together
  • LOTBS bail footage
  • Q&A about life on the Voleurz RV Tour

Why ride together?

Even though we both stand different ways down the hill, we both watch the same videos, get the same inspiration, go out to the bars together, and help motivate new ideas. I ride with snowboarders cause they set up features most skiers don’t approach. -Max Hill

It’s super fun, plus it is a source of inspiration. You can see first hand a whole different spectrum of tricks and techniques that can influence your skiing right then and there. Some of my favorite riding partners are snowboarders. just watching skiing all the time can get old and it’s easy to get stoked on what people in similar sports are doing. -Colston VB

Because when I first started riding some of my friends were skiers and some of them snowboarded, why change that? -Justin VDP

Skiers are good for packing your booters/takeoffs/landings for you. -Shayne Zwickel

What’s the biggest difference between the two sports?

Skiing is a smaller, tight-knit community, whereas snowboarding is bigger and it can be hard to keep track of everything that’s going on. With so many snowboarders and so much competition these days, there’s a lot less support for talent and it’s unfortunate to see talented snowboarders go unnoticed, and become discouraged by a lack of support. -Darren Rayner

It used to be which way each sport was progressing. Now that there are so many people, skiers and snowboarders are both pushing their creative influences in every direction. I wouldn’t say there are many BIG differences these days. -Max Hill

Poles! I think if you break it down they’re both very similar, both have their own ridiculous trends, there are haters in both sports, similar demographic of competitiors, film athletes, rail dudes, etc. But when it comes down to it we’re pretty much doing the same thing, sliding on snow and having a blast. –Colston VB

Being sideways vs forward, duh. -Justin VDP

Yard sales are way more entertaining on skis. -Shayne Zwickel

Why do you think a barrier still exists between the two sports?

The animosity started with the boom of freestyle skiing in the 90’s. Remember when skiers weren’t allowed in terrain parks? That animosity has persisted through the years, mostly amongst the older generation of shredders. With a new generation comes a new outlook, and I think the barrier will be broken… either way, surfing is where it’s at. -Darren Rayner

It’s all about money, every new kid who starts snowboarding is worth a certain amount to the industry, if the industry puts it out there that the majority of the world believes that snowboarding is the “cool” thing to do and anything else is “uncool” then they create the environment that herds the kids and parents into spending their dollars in our sport. What’s cool and uncool aren’t real – it’s just pop culture marketing tactics. -Justin VDP

I think skiing to them is what rollerblading is to skateboarders – they think it’s easy. It isn’t. It’s pretty funny for me though because I actually snowboard too. I remember one day way Dane Tudor and I were getting lipped off for being skiers so we grabbed our boards and showed them what’s up. –Colston VB

There is generally loud mouthed people in every sport. -Max Hill

History. -Braden Dean

Best part about riding with snowboarders?

When a snowboarder with good style compliments your tricks as a skier. Worst part is when they yell at you for breaking the jump. -Max Hill

Riding with snowboarders is sick because as a skier it opens your eyes to be more creative and try things like presses and stuff. I think snowboarding today puts a lot of emphasis on style, and that’s where I see skiing going in the future. -Matt Brindisi

Best part about riding with skiers?

You never worry about doing the same tricks at a shoot, they also look at lines differently than you, you can learn a lot. -Braden Dean

They make great guinea pigs! -Justin VDP

Skiers are good for packing your booters/takeoffs/landings for you. -Shayne Zwickel


Worst part about riding with skiers?

Getting made fun of if you get stuck in the flats! -Braden Dean

They use words like bunch, pile and other stupid slang. -Justin VDP

Hearing them complain about how uncomfortable ski boots are. -Shayne Zwickel

Coolest skier you know?

Reed Speedman -Justin VDP

Joe Schuster for sure (check out www.sleepyschusters.com) -Darren Rayner

Axe Kill -Braden Dean, Shayne Zwickel

On Tour w/ Darren Rayner

Favorite stop : Fernie because the Commit team knows how play a good game of Louisville chugger
Biggest surprise: No visits to the hospital or jail this year!
Lesson learned: Don’t work with promoters
Sausage fest: RV life
Winner: Barry Hartman’s alter ego: Gary
Go-to drink: CL smooth and any brand of Whisky
Must have item: Vitamin C tablets (thanks mom)
Fast food of choice: Tom Hurtin’s
Where do you guys want to visit next year: Regina. I think our local retailer Xtreme Adrenaline would put on a good show.

On Tour w/ Shayne Zwickel

Favorite stop : Banff
Biggest surprise: How healthy I stayed
Lesson learned: Don’t let Harvey Li drive the RV
Hottest girls: were usually in bed with me
Sausage fest: The RV
Winner: Surprise surprise!!! Barry Hartman
Must have item: Grass for the afternoon drive
Fast food of choice: The gas station I guess
Where do you guys want to visit next year: The moon

On Tour w/ Braden Dean

Favorite stop: Vancouver!
Biggest surprise: Making it home in one piece
Lesson learned: Drop a GPS marker on your home base in whatever city you are in. Also
Hottest girls: Got lucky
Sausage fest: Every day
Winner: Reed Speedman. It was close to the end, but he sealed his place at number 1 by showing up for a 13 hour drive home in the snow with no shoes on his feet after a hard night in Edmonton…
Go-to drink: Jack Daniels, no mix no chase and Coors light to re-hydrate the next morning.
Must have item: Sleeping bag, Water bottle
Fast food of choice: Tim Hortons
Where do you guys want to visit next year: A beach somewhere

Photo credit: Darren Rayner, Mason Mashon, Bruce Giovando and MP Champagne

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