For Immediate Release:

Poor Boyz Productions & Distribution, Redondo Beach, Ca (Nov 28th, 2009)

Poor Boyz has gone digital! We are proud to announce the safe and very secure Poor Boyz Digital Download Platform, featuring past, and present PBP films. It’s no secret about downloading movies, iTunes has been doing it for years and we are not going to claim we reinvented the wheel but we wanted to make it easy for our fans to get videos direct from Poor Boyz at a hassle free, good price. It’s cool because it is so easy! You download the films and they are ready for your desktop, iPhone, iPod, etc. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years you have seen the dawn of the age of information. Digital media is at the forefront of this revolution and it’s only natural to use this medium to reach our fans! In the future will be releasing additional previous films, and creating specific download specific products, such as JIB JAM 2.

We are thrilled to announce the release of JIB JAM 2: The Online Edition. Jib Jam 2 is an action packed jibber’s delight, which is available for half of the price, and only online. You get to watch all of the PBP athletes, as they tackle the most daunting features that our park crews could dream up. It follows the PBP athletes through Colorado, Park City, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, Squaw Valley, Mt. Bachelor, and last but certainly not least, to the sunset shoot at Timberline on Mt. Hood. You get to see their full bag of tricks that we couldn’t squeeze into Every Day Is A Saturday, and you’ll be able to appreciate each riders’ unique style and distinctive tricks. It features the talents of John Spriggs, Matt Walker, Simon Dumont, Dane Tudor, Nick Martini, John Symms, Jossi Wells, Leigh Powis, Tim Durtschi, Andrew Hathaway, Kaya Turski, Ben Moxham, TJ Schiller, Tanner Hall, Alexis Godbout, Charles Gagnier, Andreas Hatveit and more.

In addition, we have also created a few additional opportunities for our supporters! First is our new soundtracks page where you are able to check out your favorite tracks from a ton all of our films, both past and present, and download them directly from / iTunes. Secondly, when you order from you are automatically entered in to receiving our free monthly eNewsletter. This newsletter is straight from the crew at PBP, and will offer you exclusive interviews with athletes, behind-the-scenes stories and coverage that you can’t find anywhere else. It will also include newsletter specials, and discount codes. All of this can only be found in this limited newsletter, so make sure you hop on the bandwagon to find out what’s crackin’ at PBP!

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