It’s with heavy hearts that the staff at SBC Skier announce the untimely passing of our dear friends, JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson.

In the event that you missed the tragic news, while filming for a new web series titled Apogee Skiing, Auclair and Fransson, alongside photographers Daniel Ronnbak and Bjarne Salen, were climbing Monte San Lorenzo in a remote region of Patagonia on the Chile-Argentina border, when an avalanche sadly swept the two legendary skiers away.

While Ronnbak and Salen were relatively unharmed, BioBio, a Chilean news agency, confirmed the deaths of Auclair and Fransson, which has understandably sent shockwaves throughout the skiing community.

To sum up Auclair’s importance to the sport of skiing in a paragraph, article or book would simply not do him justice. He was, is and will forever be a pioneer, legend and icon. Without him, what we now call freeskiing would not exist, and neither would SBC Skier. Auclair was an instrumental part of our magazine’s inception, acting as guest editor for our very first issue, and his contributions to us and the sport as a whole over the years have been both monumental, and immeasurably valuable. Most importantly though, he was a humble, creative, intelligent, innovative and all-around incredible human being.

Likewise, Fransson was a cherished friend, teacher and figurehead, particularly in the world of ski mountaineering. His passion and love for the mountains embodied who he was as a person, and his vast well of knowledge and well-documented exploits helped countless others develop a deeper understanding and respect for the mountains he loved so much. He was calm, he was patient, he was gentle, and most of all, he was inspiring, and never without a twinkle in his eye.

In an effort to pay proper tribute to these two legends of our sport, stay tuned to Issue 4 of this year’s volume of SBC Skier for a look at a trip to Iceland with Fransson and Salomon Freeski TV, along with an extensive feature in an upcoming issue on both of their impactful lives.

Our most heartfelt condolences go out to JP and Andreas’ many friends and loving families during this difficult time. They will be missed, but never forgotten. Rest In Peace.