Real Media are a bunch of kids from Calgary that feel skiing needs to go back to the roots. We chatted with 19 year old Dane Ulsifer to see which direction they plan on pushing the sport – 

Tell us about Real Media?

We are a group of like minded riders (Ryan Waddell, Sash Lazic, Rob Winter, Nate Wood, Tanner Davidson, Mark Drebit and Dave Cote) who have struggled to succeed in the industry but continue to do it for the love of the sport. We finally just said fuck it, why not just start our own company and do things the way we want, because successful or not, we will being doing what we love with the people we want to be doing it with. To us, that is what this sport is really about.

What got you into filming?

When I was younger ski movies were a lot different than they are today and lately I have found myself watching snowboarding and skateboarding more than I watch skiing, simply because I prefer the way they are put together. When I watch a ski movie there are a few things that I feel are really important: Music, quality of riding and most of all the lifestyle that goes along with it all. I find that movies these days are far too serious and lack the feel good vibe and attitude that they used to have. It seems like the most important things in skiing are what you’re wearing, how many doubles you can do and your status in the ski industry.


What do you hope to accomplish with your company?     

My goal with Real Media is to expand on the different styles of skiing and the various ways that the sport can be progressed. We want to showcase a feel good style of riding and videos that every single rider can relate to. We believe that style should come before difficulty, so before you go hucking doubles you should first have the basic tricks down with tons of style. You don’t need a helicopter and 5 different angles shooting a 100 foot jump with ten different doubles to make a quality movie. You don’t need voice over’s explaining to everyone how hard it is to hit urban and what it feels like to ride pow because the majority of people watching these movies are skiers and they know what it’s all about.  

What separates you guys from the rest of the pack?

I would say our overall attitude towards style and the way we put our videos together. We all film each other and when we’re putting together our videos we all have a say on how it looks – it may not be very professional in the end but it shows people what really goes on and how much fun we have. We try to make our videos real instead of as epic as possible.  Also i would say the music we choose is pretty different from most videos you see now.  Most of it is pretty old – music from this generation is mostly garbage…

Any webisodes out there you are stoked on?

The only other webisode that tickles our fancy is the Nimbus crew and all the stuff they are doing. Pollard and Pep have been keepin’ it real since day one and their stuff just keeps getting better and better. The fact that they have yet to conform to the ski industry standard and how they almost solely just film each other is what makes them dope in my mind. On top of that, the music and skiing is always banger and makes me stoked to go skiing.

What are your riders all about?

As much as some skiers like to hate on snowboarding, the fact is that without snowboarding and skateboarding, skiing would still be in the mogul, aerial and ballet stages. Progression is not only about adding flips, spins and switch ups to tricks, but instead finding new spins, new grabs, new rotations and presses but also about the features and terrain that we do these tricks on. We feel that this is an area that we really need to turn our attention to. After all half the fun of skiing is deciding how you want to send yourself down whatever it is you are sending yourself down.

We need to expand our minds and not just look for handrails down sets of stairs or lines down sets of pillows. Instead look for the not so obvious terrain with the not so obvious ways of skiing or snowboarding it.

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Any last words?

I speak for all of us when I say it is better to keep it REAL than conform to something that we don’t believe in. Real Media is much more than just another media group, we are a group of skiers and snowboarders that feel the sport needs a change and we are willing to do whatever it takes to see it change.  REAL Media represents these things: desire for change, love of the sport of skiing and boarding, friends getting together and doing what they love, not conforming to the next cool thing and most importantly… Keeping shit REEEAAAL!!!

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