Skiing legend Tanner Hall is back with his long awaited ski film Ring The Alarm. For the last 2 years Tanner and his friends shredded their all-time favorite ski zones in North America and sent all the footie to long-time filmmaking collaborator Shane Nelson. (Pop Yer Bootlez! 2005, Like A Lion 2010)

Tanner and Shane spent the last 2 summers editing over 11 hours of footage down to just 38minutes of the absolute best shots. The Ring The Alarm soundtrack features the illest underground hip-hop remixes from DJ Thomax original orchestral score by Justin Pierre & Matt Taylor and Tanner’s favorite dancehall tracks from Randy Valentine , Cali P and others. Featuring: Tanner Hall, Neil Provo, Ian Provo, Sam Cohen, John Spriggs, Lucas Wachs, Todd Ligare, Sammy Carlson and friends

‘Ring the Alarm’
Directed by: Tanner Hall & Shane Nelson
Edited by: Shane Nelson
Produced by: Inspired Media Concepts
Executive Producers: Tom Yaps and Tanner Hall
Presented by: Rockstar, Go Pro, Oakley
Supported by: Mo Pros, Retallack Lodge, Armada Skis, Dalbello Ski Boots, Black Rock Originals

Filmed on location in: Haines, Alaska – Lake Tahoe, California – Mt. Hood, Oregon – Detroit, Michigan – Park City, Utah – Nelson & Squamish, British Columbia
FILMED BY – Stellar Media, Yancy Caldwell, Nate Cahoon, Ian Provo, Neil Provo, Pete Alport, Will Wissman, Tanner Hall, Ricky Godderdam, Lucas Wachs
ADDITIONAL FOOTIE – Bryan Flaska, Ross Ching & Matt Koskinen
STILL PHOTOS BY – Will Wissman, Ian & Neil Provo
EDITED BY – Shane Nelson & Tanner Hall
ASSISTANT EDITORS: Russell Anway, Harry Reynolds & Matt Koskinen
ART DIRECTION: Kilian Amendola
ORIGINAL MUSIC: Matt Taylor & Justin Pierre