Oh yes, you heard this right. One of your favorite powder stashes is getting bigger, the Revelstoke Mountain Resort expansion was released earlier this month in a press release to the public but we wanted more. Emily Wright from Revelstoke Mountain Resort dished the details on the expansion.

SBC: What’s the BIG picture, where does the resort see itself going in 10 years?
RMR: After ten years of operation we’ve gotten a good feel for where our shortfalls are and we’re making moves and investing money into fixing those before expanding into any new terrain. That being said, we are really excited for that stage and are planning to grow quite a bit in the next ten years. Our reputation as it stands is that we provide awesome big mountain terrain and great snow which caters to advanced-expert skiers. We plan to build on and grow with that reputation, but we also want to improve our intermediate zones and develop a better experience for those learning to ski. We aren’t doing any favors to the sport as a whole by intimidating beginners!

SBC: Any potential hang-ups with the timeline?
RMR: Cupcake Chair has always been included in our Master Development Plan so we don’t foresee any issues acquiring the appropriate permits to build. Our business is always weather dependent, but we don’t anticipate any issues that would prevent us from opening the Cupcake Chair for the 2019/20 season. The order has already been placed with Leitner-Poma and terrain development has already commenced for this area.

SBC: Words for the nay-sayers?
RMR: I think the most negative feedback that we get is that we haven’t built a lift in ten years. We’re happy to put that complaint to rest and focus on the next phase of development. Also, for those who like to grumble about the morning lift line, we are addressing that by maxing out the upload capacity of the Revelation Gondola for 2019/20. This follows the recent increase in capacity of 25% that was implemented for the 2017/18 season.

SBC: Any local chatter?
RMR: It’s a small town and news travels fast, even if it’s not exactly true. There have been rumors floating around Revelstoke about changes at the resort for a while now and I think many of the locals are excited to see something officially announced.

SBC: What will be the biggest advantage of the expansion felt by the weekend warrior?
RMR: The new Cupcake Chair will improve access to the Ripper Chair which will feature some of our best glade skiing. You can get to it straight from the top of Revelation Gondola which will help to spread skiers around the mountain and alleviate traffic from the Stoke Chair.

Even more terrain with the Revelstoke Mountain Resort expansion, who else is stoked to hear this?! Photo by Royce Sihlis


What’s New at Revelstoke Mountain Resort This Winter

Revelstoke, BC – Revelstoke Mountain Resort is excited to announce several on-mountain improvements for the upcoming 2018/19 season. The Ripper Zone, in particular, is slated for a series of developments that will be completed over the course of two years. In addition to a new warming hut, glading and run development, the two-year plan includes a new beginner chairlift, modernized Swiss Cord rope tow and an increase in upload capacity for the Revelation Gondola.

Vice President of Operations for Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Peter Nielsen, is excited about the potential for this distinct mountain zone. “Revelstoke is home to some of the best glade skiing on the planet, and the Ripper Zone features some of Revelstoke’s finest tree skiing,” said Nielsen. “Our immediate goal is to provide easier access in and out of the Ripper Zone, while developing the terrain to its fullest potential.”

Over the course of the summer, the Resort conducted an extensive glading program to improve spacing in Powder Monkey Glades and the Lower Back 40 Glades. Skiers and riders can also look forward to two new runs in the Ripper Zone this season with the debut of Blow Down and Simmer Down. Blow Down is a blue run that branches off of the Downtowner through Snorkel Glades, while Simmer Down offers an alternate route through Stop At The Road Glades. The Downtowner has also undergone a major overhaul to facilitate easier access to the front side of the mountain.

For the 2019/20 season, an additional fixed-grip quad chairlift will be constructed in an area between the Ripper Connector and the Revelation Gondola. This new lift, named the Cupcake Chair, will provide a direct link to the Ripper area from the top of the Gondola and feature a beginner terrain pod. The new Cupcake Chair will have an upload capacity of 1,800 people/hour with a travel time of just over three minutes. Nielsen states, “The Cupcake Chair will be a welcome addition to Revelstoke Mountain Resort. This lift will provide an ideal training ground for beginner skiers and riders, and also provides direct access to the Ripper, alleviating some of the pressure on the Stoke Chair.” The Resort has also confirmed an increase in the Revelation Gondola to full capacity of 2,800 people/hour for the 2019/20 season with an additional 22 gondola cabins on order.

Other significant improvements for the upcoming 2018/19 season include two additional PRINOTH snowcats, a warming hut at the top of the Ripper Chair, a new hardgoods store at the village base named Critical Parts, and hands-free RFID access for tickets and passes.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort looking oh so fresh! Photo by Royce Sihlis

More terrain. More lifts. Faster lifts. More laps. More fun. We’re pretty excited to see and ski the changes at Revelstoke Mountain Resort over the next two seasons.

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