On Sunday March 29, 2009 over 50 skiers gathered at Mont Tremblant to take part in the third and final Canadian stop of the Salomon Jib Academy.

The freestyle ski event for competitors ages 16 and under allows them to strut their stuff and ride with some of Salmon’s pro skiers. The team riders out at Tremblant included Charles Gagnier, Alexis Godbout, Vincent Gagnier, Iannick Brouillette, JD Zicat, Paul Bergerson, Kaya Turski, Jen Crichton and Phil Casabon. If that wasn’t enough to get the kids stoked up for grabs was a five-day trip to Mammoth to ride with the Salomon international pro ski team.

The morning started off with windy and overcast conditions but was a nice change from the blistering hot sun the day before. The event kicked off with everyone breaking up into groups with one pro rider and attacking the various boxes and features in the terrain park. Afterwards the academy members made their way to the slopestyle and rail sections of the course. Here kids left, right and centre threw down 3’s and 5’s and one skier even attempted a kangaroo flip. While everyone impressed the judges, the standout skier of day definitely was Antoine Bourassa.





















Maiatico photo

In the afternoon the weather conditions worsened with strong winds and rain causing things to wrap up early. However, Salomon rider Jen Crichton says she was impressed with the turnout. “Despite the hurricane force winds and rain everyone still had a good time.”

At the awards ceremony Antoine took first place so he’ll be heading to Mammoth in May. Coming in second was Alex Beaulieu-Marchand who took home a pair of Suspect skis. Following behind was Sebastien Eaves in third, Max Morello in fourth, Sacha Cavallero in fifth and Gab Baudreau in sixth.
























Maiatico photo

As the event came to a close Salomon pro rider and hometown hero Alexis Godbout stuck around to sign autographs for his fans. Alexis says he encourages kids to come out and compete in the Jib Academy because “it’s a good chance to get known, meet the Salomon team, have fun with your friends and there’s lots of free stuff too.”

Thanks to Allison Thompson and everyone at Salmon. The Jib Academy is also presented in part by Smith, Skull Candy, SBC Skier Magazine, Momentum Ski Camp and Newschoolers.com.  For more information on the event series and to find out how you can win a trip to Mammoth head here .


1st –Antoine Bourassa (Salomon)

2nd –Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (D-Structure)

3rd –Sebastien Eaves

4th  –Max Morello

5th  –Sacha Cavallero

6th –Gab Baudreau

Contest winners from left to right: Alex (2nd), Antoine (1st ) and Sebastien (3rd)

































Contest winners from left to right: Alex (2nd), Antoine (1st ) and Sebastien (3rd). Maiatico photo




























Alexis Godbout signing his life away. Maiatico photo