Danylle Hammett is one of the few ladies out there not only hitting urban, but speaking her mind on female freeskiers and our community.

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Talk to us about Diamond Annies.

The Diamond Annie’s is a concept created by Katrina Nicole, Brooke Potter, and myself.

There are hardly any female productions companies out there. Growing up I followed women’s snowboarding groups like The Peep Show and Missfit Productions. We wanted to create an all women’s filming crew with emphasis on street skiing. A part of women’s skiing that is only beginning. It’s so cool to see other girls out hitting urban like Nikki Blackall and Anouk Purnelle-Faniel. We hope to involve other ladies with same vision to collaborate with.

Who are three female skiers you currently look up to?

Number one is Sarah Burke, I wouldn’t be a freestyle skier if it wasn’t for all she has done for us ladies.

Kim Lamarre is another skier I really look up to, she has had some wild injuries and always comes back on top. Not to mention she was the first female to 270 onto an urban rail! She was the first female skier I had seen hit urban, she would even film tripod sessions alone and I have been there so I know how dedicated she is to every aspect of her skiing.

Lastly I would say Kaya Turski. She has such great style and can do almost everyone of her tricks both ways, which is so important I think. I love how much she films too, I still watch her State Of Mind episodes!

What about a male skier?

There are two male skiers who really influence my skiing. Phil Casabon and Mike Hornbeck. Both have great outlooks on the industry, letting their skiing speak for itself which is rare these days.  Skiing the way they want, not what is in style. They are all about creating new stuff instead of following the pack. So much respect for those guys!

We heard you’re cooking up something special with your ski sponsor?

I couldn’t be happier to join Revision Skis! They’re a company with very similar views as mine on the ski industry. They focus on sustainability and rider input on their skis. Their team has super unique styles and riders that I feel really fits my skiing. Keep an eye out for some new products from Revision this fall!

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Does freeski media need to do a better job of covering women and their stories? Why is it important?

Absolutely, I feel the only side that gets covered is the competition park scene, and even then they don’t live stream most competitions. There are so many other aspects to female freeskiing nowadays. From ladies killing the backcountry on the same lines the guys are skiing and more recently the street scene!

What advice would you give a website / magazine editor, such as myself, trying to create more women specific content?

More women are filming and producing content, so it’s getting easier to find. Social media plays such a role in getting your name out there these days that you can find so many sick riders, most people haven’t even heard of, through outlets like Instagram.

Video competitions like Nine Queens and The North Face Park & Pipe also encourage girls out there killing it, and anyone can enter,  I really dig both those ideas. Ladies Photographers like Rachel Bock, Emily Tidwell, and Ilanna Barkusky are doing a great job of shooting women’s skiing and promoting it.

What is the biggest deterrent for young girls in becoming freeskiers? And continuing in the sport as they grow up? What can be done about that?

As a girl it’s intimidating going into the park, especially when you’re not really good. Meeting a good group of friends really helps with that. Sarah Burke and Kristi [Leskinen] were the pioneers  when i was growing up and now there’s so many awesome lady skier role models out there for little girls to look up to.

In terms of continuing as you get older, I feel our best years lie ahead!  Some of my biggest skiing and snowboarding inspirations are in their 30’s., when people play the age card I think it’s rather silly. It’s awesome to see groms throwing triples but at the same time there’s so many overlooked riders out there that don’t receive the exposure they deserve. What’s great is women’s freeskiing will only grow over the years in every aspect. The future holds what we create!

There are so many great female focused organizations out there these days that help promote freestyle skiing to the younger generation. Also websites even have their own section dedicated to women’s content which is huge (shout out to SBC Skier and Newschoolers).

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If you had the power to change something about our community, what would it be?

More positivity, the ski industry can be so damn negative, especially towards female skiers.

People often forget how grateful we are to be doing what we do. Financially it’s a true privilege to be able to go skiing and I think people  often lose sight of that, getting caught up in what people are wearing or the latest ski trends so to say. Give thanks!!!

If you aren’t skiing, you can be found…

I practice Yoga and meditation, both really correlate to my skiing. I’m also into nutrition and permaculture. Food is so important, especially as an “athlete”, eating healthy has so many positive attributes. In a nutshell, I’m the girl bumping Tupac after Yoga practice on my way to the Farmers Market (laughs)

You’re also planning on starting school soon, right?

Correct! I’m originally from Montana and my dad owns farm property there. I’m going to school for Agriculture and Food Systems. Only two percent of americans are farmers which is very devastating. To much of our food comes out of factory plants verse grown from actual plants. My studies will focus on sustainability and organic practices. Spend more money and buy your food local if you can, you would be amazed by how fucked up our “food system” is!

Time to fire some shots. Give us one brand, one athlete, and one media outlet that needs to step up their game.

I would like to see Tall T Productions post more girls who actually ski in their clothes.

One athlete would be Anna Willcox, we know you’re beautiful girl, let’s see more skiing!!

Media outlet would definitely be Freeskier Magazine. Some of the only times I see articles on Women are when a female editor posts them.

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How old were you when you first started skiing?

I first started skiing when I was only two years old at Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana. Thanks Mom and Dad!

I started going in the park when I was 13, the park at my home resort wasn’t the best but I had a great group of friends to ski with. The winters in Montana produce a lot of snow so I started going out with my snowboarding friends to their urban spots when I was around 16. Hitting urban is such a cool concept to me, surrounded by people you love, hitting a unique feature. I didn’t start filming any of my skiing until I was 18. There are endless possibilities when it comes to street skiing in my mind.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I hope to still be creating segments in the streets with other ladies, also owning my own farm or garden. Basically growing my own food and filming / editing skiing.

What’s the funniest urban story you have been a part of?

While in Montana this past winter filming, Brooke found a spot she really wanted to hit, it was on the mountain resort so we figured it would be low bust. Little did we know a grumpy big ole Canadian was living upstairs. People are usually nice and understanding of what we do but he kicked us out three times within a few days. It was super funny cause the rail was directly below his condo and he really didn’t like the idea of us trying to have some fun. He had a red pajama onesie on, it’s a memory I won’t forget.

Any words of advice for ladies trying to push their own skiing?

It’s good to look up to people but it’s important to ski the way that feels right to you. Don’t think you need to follow what everyone else is doing, especially trick wise. Skiing is so special because you can literally create whatever you want. I believe the best progression is doing you and finding your own authentic flow on skis.  

And shoutouts?

I can’t thank Bill Wanrooy enough for all the support I have received since I joined Revision. Also huge thanks to Brooke Potter for always being there for me! Lastly, Rachel Bock for all the great things she does inside the ski industry!

What gets you fired up in the morning? Yoga and a good breakfast

Favourite snack while shooting street? Justins Peanut Butter

Urban pump-up song? Ambitionz Az a Rida- Tupac

What comes to mind when you think of Canada? Trailer Park Boys

What comes to mind when you think of SBC Skier? Making Skiing great again

Best Canadian skier? B DOG

Best Canadian? Tommy Chong

Guilty Pleasure? Listening to Drake