Skier of the Year: Kye Petersen

First and foremost, congratulations on earning the coveted title Skier of the Year Kye Petersen! Whoa! Well deserved as showcased by this rowdy segment from last years “ski film of the year” Numinous by Dendrite Studios. Watch the full film on Vimeo here or on iTunes here.

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We cornered Kye after the dubbing of his new title “Skier of the Year” to find out more about the filming process that helped him earn it. Here’s what he spilled.

Favorite line?
“My favorite line I skied for Numinous was one that got used into two separate aerial shots at the very end of the film. It’s a line I’ve skied before just outside of Pemberton but this time the spines were filled in very well and it was the longest line we shot all year. It had multiple difficulties with rollovers, lil transfers and lots of sluff management. I skied it with my good buddy Callum Pettit.” – KP

Chatter looked delicious, tell us about it!
Chatter was just one of those trips where we showed up with just a week to get’r done and the first two days the conditions were variable and we spent our time scoping zones and getting a feel for the terrain. Luckily snow stability was good but just not very deep for sending airs or skiing fast…Then our third and fourth nights we lucked out with little 15-20cm snowfalls throughout the night and days that were clearing. Our first sunny day only lasted for a morning but we got some really good pillows in and our second and third fairly sunny days we already had a list of faces and timing of light so we basically just stacked clips from zone to zone until we were all feeling satisfied. Turned out that after those two and a half sunny days the snow came back in wet and warm and we skied one day in the woods for fun doing some follow cammping and that was our trip. Short but very sweet and very ideal for allowing us to get a bit of all those mountains had to offer. Obviously, our crew was totally stacked and that is always a bonus.” – KP

Check out Logan Pehota’s Chatter Creek Segment and write up, same place, different lines, super frothy. 

What’s next?
“Lots. Lots is next, haha. But nothing I can really elaborate on at the moment. I’m working on another film idea that will break the boundaries of just ski action but tells a story of the action while showcasing it, still a work in progress to see if it becomes real but it’s an idea I’ve had for quite a while. Besides that, I’m working on a lot of new designs and taking a lot of time this season to RND new products and create a new brand that we hope will open up the eyes of skiers around the world. Lots more exciting info coming soon and along with this some cool trips to locations that really suit me and the gear I’m testing.” – KP

Well if that wasn’t a cliffhanger, I don’t know what is! Best we can offer is to keep tabs on this man of mystery via Instagram and hopefully, we’ll corner him again soon for more details on all of his big plans.