In the Rockies, the snow stacks early. Consequently, the resorts tucked into these glorious mountains traditionally open first across Canada. This year was no exception as Lake Louise cracked open Friday, November 9th, 2018. With lifts firing and snow to spare it didn’t take long for the hardworking team to open more ski-able terrain by the day.

The crew. Photo by Abby Cooper.

Snow-starved our digital editor headed east with a crew from their snowless base of Whistler BC in search of the elusive November Rockies powder they’d heard rumors about. Crew member and snow connoisseur Kris Harris says,

“Great coverage, no need for rock skis at the lake. It has the best early season options in Western Canada right now.”

Kris Harris on the front side of Lake Louise. Photo by Abby Cooper.

The coastal crew agreed that Lake Louise was definitely living up to the hype, I mean who gets to ski powder laps through the trees a few days after opening without any consequences to your ski base?! That alone is enough to state that Lake Louise is off to a solid start. Local pro skier Alex Armstrong has been spoiled by the typically early season snow for some time now but still thinks that Lake Louise is looking good – mullet style.

“Early season conditions on the front side and above average on the backside. Business in the front, party in the back.” – Alex Armstrong

You might recognize Alex Armstrong from a little number that’s out in print right now 😉

Alex Armstrong. Photo by Abby Cooper.

All in all, the Rockies are winning the snow race. If you’re an eager beaver looking for snow head Lake Louise or Sunshine Village this November. If you wait it out or frequent the Lake, you might see something more like this edit from Sherpas Cinema.