Under soggy skies in Blackcomb's Highest Level Terrain Park, Team Volkl captured the 6th edition of the Orage Masters on Sunday.  Led by Tim Russel and Matt Philippi and clad in boy scout uniforms (Pack 1923 to be exact), the 2007 champions regained the title after knocking off last years winner, K2 in the semi-final.

The rider-judged team jam format got underway despite fog and occasional rain on Sunday morning with Dynastar, Armada, Volkl, and K2 moving on from round one.  From there, Armada was able to squeak by Dynastar and was off to the final to face eventual champs Volkl.

As is customary at the Masters, teams were costumed in all variety of garb including Armada's Trailer Park Boys and the Surface crew in full Ghostbusters gear.  Eliminated teams entertained themselves in a variety of ways though shot-gunning Kokanee seemed to emerge as the preferred activity as the afternoon wore on.

Final Results:

1. Volkl

2. Armada

3. K2