May 2nd, 2011 commemorated the 4th annual Winter Volympics. An anti-contest consisting of complete debauchery, psycho-stunting, utter confusion, and the biased judging of loud-mouths Reed Speedman and Mason Mashon.

Darren Rayner and Mason Mashon have been team captains since the beginning, but this year they gracefully handed their torch to new appointed leaders Josh Bibby (red team) and Stan Rey (blue team). Over the years these two fine gentlemen have proven to be most suitable to lead a team into the destructive Volympic Arena in hopes for victory.

The announcers, Reed Speedman and Mason Mashon

Captain Bibby knives his way into the Volympic Arena

With almost every Voloozer in attendance, the Volympic Arena became filled with sounds of cheering, laughter, dancing and flatulence. Highlights include Josh Stacks flatspin 360 on a GT snowracer; a GT superman seat grab by “Janimal” Jan Schuster; some impressive snowblading action by Sleepy Joe Schuster, Chug and Rob Huele; front flips over a flaming pile of wood by Warren “warm” Williams;… and do I need to mention that Chug got naked?  Nah… you already knew that.



Chug attempting to get inverted on our Volympics regulation sized halfpipe, 22 feet (long)

Jan Schuster fell asleep on the in run (

Superman seat grab. stomped

Snowlerblades by Joe Schuster

Lil D chillin in his custom hoodie

Rob Heule getting sendy on snowblades

Josh Stack performing a backflip through fire

Bibby celebrating his teams victory

With a handful of filmers in attendance you’ll be certain that the 2011 Winter Volympics will once again be the most entertaining segment of our annual feature film… but you’ll just have to wait until November to decide for yourself.

MVP awarded to Ian ‘Chug’ Cosco of Blue Team.

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