THE BLONDES :: How to Chuck Your Carcass

They’re spicy, they’re fun, and they’re seriously sendy – except their not super serious – but just enough. Any who, we’re pumped to introducing you to The Blondes Revelstoke BC’s raddest new lady shredding crew! 


“We are three women headed straight for the great backcountry around the Revelstoke area. Learning, growing and challenging each other to push women’s skiing. Promoting mostly the fun of it. The fun of trying and sometimes failing. The beauty of chasing a dream – all three of us all with the same crazy and silly dream of powder skiing. “What does it all mean?” we sometimes ask ourselves; but then just laugh and keep going.”

Emily Childs is originally from Quesnell BC
Tonje Kvivik hailing from Kristansand Norway decided to head to Canada to ski great Canadian pow.
Janelle Yip a Calgarian, moved to Revelstoke to get out of the city and live in the mountains.

When they reach new heights and land on their feet the sweet feeling that burns in their chests reminds them of their intention. Finding the purpose in a practice, a familiar feeling for the dreamers, the achievers, the believers – their passion keeps them alive. Their passion is what brought them together and united them in an unbreakable bond. They are the Blondes, because they had to name their cause, the valiant chase of the biggest air and the deepest turn.


Through a slightly liquor fuelled and hilarious two weeks the three met the likes of a few kooky Americans, who came to Revelstoke for the same obvious reasons as most. They discovered then that together they laughed and skied harder than ever before. And the American kooks who were impressed by the girls skiing took them out on slightly functioning snowmobiles into the backcountry. Out there some incredible times were had and some awesome friendships were formed. The three of them discovering that together they would laugh until they cried and happily chuck their carcasses together.

With the help of a few more apres ski libations the three were convinced by their new found American friends to start something… start a little crew of three hard shredding ladies and so they named it The Blondes and vowed to buy snowmobiles to access the vast expanse of the surrounding Revelstoke backcountry. They worked their asses off the next summer and somehow bought some snowmobiles, 2 between the three of them and a camera to film all of the shenanigans. Thus the resulting short edit  “How To Chuck Your Carcass.” Edited by Keenan Desplanques with the funding of Chop Shop Co.

Filmed by: Keenan Desplanques, Justen Bruns, Danny Leblanc, Dylan Ross, Steve Robert, Vinzenz Keller, Jordan Nelson, Kyle Wisner, Amber Nelson, Ben Smith & The Blondes.


You don’t want to miss this epic crash real and follow their Vimeo page. You can also find more ski videos from this season in our archives, check it out.