Instead of simply curating a list of names, we decided to go the extra mile and reach out to our favourite female shredders to give us a few words about themselves.


24 year old slopestyle skier from New Zealand – Read our interview here


“I only got into free skiing at the late age of 19, growing up in a city I had a typical childhood and forever grateful for that. It was only after high school I discovered my love for free skiing when I did a season in Banff  Canada! I competed at the Sochi 2014 winter Olympic games and am aiming to be at the next one in Korea 2018. I am a proud sister of  soon to be Olympian brother who is competing in Rio 2016! This past season was my first time competing in 2 years after an ACL rupture! It was tough coming back but slowly but surely getting there!” 

Anna is supported by Faction Skis,  ilabb, Smith Optics,  Big Balls Collective,  Skullcandy, Dakine, NZ Rentacar.


Dutch professional skier – Read our interview here and here


“Since I’ve started skiing my whole life changed. It became a full on addiction, and I can tell you, that there is no better feeling than landing a new trick successfully for the first time. I fell in love with the playful, creative and progressive side of the sport, and later the competitive scene. For the last two years I have been traveling all over the world to compete in high level halfpipe contests. Working hard for my goal of competing in the 2018 Olympics.”

Isabelle is supported by Ovyo, Yuki Threads, POC, Daleboot and Graphlr.

Visit her website to find out more about her.


26 year old, Mt Hood based Photographer – Read our interview here


“My passion for skiing began when I was 8. My older sister had just learned…and I was kinda a copy-cat-tag-along so I wanted to be just like her. After running into a lifty shack on the bunny hill once or twice, I learned stopping made skiing a lot more fun. From that moment on it became the only thing I wanted to do. My dad is a brilliant artist and his art studio and my bedroom were the same space. I grew up playing dolls at his feet as he painted, sketched, and sculpted. Both he and my mom always supported me finding my passion in the arts; I owe everything I am to that support and their constant encouragement.”

Check out her website for more prime content.


22-year old action sports photographer from British Columbia – Read our interview here


“I fell in love with skiing as soon as I could walk, exploring the Coast Mountain range which was right in my backyard. Through skiing I fell in love with photography, and subsequently, traveling. At 18 years old, I started my bachelor’s degree at the University of British Columbia, became Whistler-based and the rest is history!”


Revision skier can often be found in Colorado – Read our interview here


“Originally from Kalispell, Montana. I found a love for skiing at an early age. I moved to Colorado when I was 17. Since, I have aligned with ladies like Brooke Potter and Katrina Siegfried, we created The Diamond Annies. A lady production crew who can be found outside the resorts.”

Danylle is supported by Revision Skis.


Filmer and photographer based out of Colorado, we can guarantee you’re familiar with her work whether you know it or not – Read our interview here


“Originally from Pennsylvania, finished a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design back in March 2016. Currently nomading around but calling Colorado home base, pursuing opportunities with skiing, photography and graphics to see what I can learn and where I can visit. ”

Rachel is supported by Revision Skis and is a large contributor for Check out her website 


Canadian slopestyle skier who knows her way around a camera – Read our interview here


“Born and raised in Barrie, Ontario. There aren’t many mountains around but my home hill Mount Saint Louis sure knows how to build a fun park! I started park skiing when I was 13 but skiing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember! It’s my favourite thing to do and now I’m lucky enough to be able to travel around the world competing in something I have a huge passion for.”

Nikki upported by O’neill, Salomon, Gates & Boards


Aussie -> Whistler transplant, freelance journalist, and park / big mountain skier


“I’m a former park skier for Faction and Oakley AUS/NZ on the APF tour. After finishing my masters in diplomacy & trade I write in the freelance action sports space now, ski big mountain and park still being Whistler based and not done yet with it, and also juggle working at a think tank.”


Downhill Longboarder, Snowboarder, Skateboarder, and Female Stoke Spreader.


“Based out of Colorado, Candy has reached speeds as high as 75 mph on both her longboard and snowboard. She spends her free time encouraging more girls to get on boards, including her own 6-year-old daughter.”

Candy is supported by Seismic Skate, Blecha Boards, BOARDLife, Sioeye, and RidersFly.


Skier skootin outta Park City, UT


“I grew up in Park City, UT, skiing has been a huge part of my life since it all started. I fell in love and started doing contests at 13. I shortly became obsessed with style and focused on mastering tricks over and over trying to make them look good before I moved onto learning new things. Ten years later I am still in the comp scene, it has been a rollercoaster but there is no place I would rather be. I am doing what I love and making my dreams come true. 2018 bound!”

Taylor is supported by K2 Skis, Planks Clothing, Smith Optics, Full Tilt, Discrete, and Joystick. 


Photographer. Splitboarder. Adventurer. Dogmom.


“A lover of all things outdoors, Abby Cooper is a splitboarder, adventurer, year round snow seeker, photographer and writer. She’s living life one adventure to the next with her dog by her side.”

Abby is supported by Arc’teryx, Karakoram, Smith Optics, G3 and Mica Movement.


22 year old Jackson-based Photo Journalist, University of Minnesota student, world traveler.


“I grew up just outside of Minneapolis, MN, and had a passion for the snow from a young age. I spent most of my younger days as a snowboarder before switching back to skiing just a couple years ago. It didn’t take long for me to get sick of lapping tow ropes on small hills in Minnesota, and in May of 2015 I finally moved west to Jackson, WY. I’m doing my best to chase winter year-round, including my first trip to ski in South America this summer! I hope to continue to be a voice for women in skiing and sharing their stories for years to come.”

Erica has made journalistic contributions for TGR and Newschoolers in addition to helping SBC Skier.


Revy-based skier/photographer


“I’m a British transplant making my home amid the wilderness of Revelstoke, BC, having grown restless living in the Swiss alps. I chased the FWQ circuit for years after college before accepting that competition is not my jam. Freeriding, adventuring, writing, realizing what I’m capable of, challenging perceptions of adventurous females, getting silly and making all the friends. That’s my jam.”

Jess is supported by Faction Skis, Mons Royale, Sungod and Grass Sticks. 


22 year old slopestyle skier based out of Mammoth Lakes, CA.


“I remember watching MSP’s PUSH when I was 15 and THAT is when I fell in love with freeskiing. I remember watching Sara Burke and Ingrid Backstrom and wanting to ski like them. After that, I started going into the park more to try and learn things. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I really wanted to be a competitive skier though. I moved to Lake Tahoe to compete and be able to ski everyday and I fell in love with it. Now I bounce between Mammoth in the winter, Long Beach in the fall for school, and Mt Hood in the summer coaching at Windells. Skiing is a part of me and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”

Kat is supported by Giro.


All mountain and park skier, has put out multiple noteworthy segments as of recent. 


“Grew up skiing in steamboat springs and went to college in Boulder where I found the cu freeskiing team, dabbled in Slopestyle but really got into big mtn competitions. I was very lucky to compete in the alps when I studied abroad and met some incredible people I’ve been very fortunate to keep in contact with. After I graduated, I wanted to ditch the i70 mountains and moved to SLC. I mostly ski Alta now, where the people and snow are pretty hard to beat!! In the summers I spend my time being an armature at everything I can get my hands on. Hoping to do some big trips this season for comps, filming, and mostly fun. Can’t wait to link up with the connections movement crew and film some days up in BC.”

Katie works with Alpine Initiatives and is supported by Orage and Giro.


21 year old professional halfpipe and slopestyle skier from Germany


“I started freeskiing when I was 15 and used to compete only in slopestyle. After an ACL rupture in 2013 I decided to go to New Zealand in summer to get my feeling back for jumping also with the tiny bit of hope to qualify for the Olympics. Since I was still scared to jump my coach always took me into the Halfpipe to cruise –just for fun. That is until I qualified for the Olympics in Sochi for halfpipe. That’s when I totally fell in love with halfpipe skiing and realized, that this sport led me in a direction I always wanted to go. With my first ever Dew Tour and X Games alternate Spot last season I’m more than excited to start the competition season soon after a tough summer full of rehab due to an injury on my knee.

Sabrina is supported by O’Neill, Head, Leki, Uvex, Pizza Hut, Casio, and Innosnack


An olympic hopeful, Nadia won the 2016 Rev Tour at Mammoth.


“I grew up skiing at a small northern New Mexico ski area called Angel Fire. My dad started me ski racing at the very young age of five. I chased gates for ten years until one day I realized it was not fun anymore. First day on snow after deciding to end my ski racing, I was instantly drawn to the terrain park. I slid my first rail on race skis! That season I began competing in local USASA competitions doing both Slopestyle and Skiercross. By the end of the season I made it to Nationals, after that I knew I was hooked!”

Nadia is supported by K2 Skis, Breckenridge Mountain, Planks Clothing, Pret Helmets, Aura Optics and Phunkshunwear.



“Growing up in Ottawa, Canada, it wasn’t hard falling in love with snow. But it wasn’t until after university, when I first moved to Whistler, that I truly fell in love with life in the mountains. Since that first season, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to call some of the world’s most incredible mountain towns home – from Whistler to Jackson Hole to Revelstoke to CMH’s Bobbie Burns’ remote backcountry lodge in the heart of the Purcell Mountains. My life is all about sharing my passion for the mountains with others – from day’s in the backcountry, to groomer laps with friends in the spring, from long-distance hiking trips to camping just on the bluff outside of town. Whatever the season you can always find me in the hills. As a passionate skier, sports nutritionist and writer it’s my joy to share my experiences and passions with others each and every day! ”


22 year old journalism student and future action sports writer.


“Growing up in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia doesn’t offer much of a skate or snowboard scene but I’m doing my best to throw myself into both. I look forward to covering stories about all of the rad skiers, snowboarders, and skateboarders but particularly women. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a woman kick ass on a board.”



I love big mountains, big rails and big smiles. I also love being the insane Aussie girl who rips around on skis, beer in hand, sometimes naked, constantly trying to one up the boys. But there was a time when all of this made me feel like a big weirdo. I grew up in the battered old mountains of Australia learning to ski at 2 defying all Aussie stereotypes. It wasn’t until I finished university and bought my ticket to the northern hemisphere winter that I realised I wasn’t alone in my passion for skiing but that I was part of the greatest community around! Skiing is and always will be my passion and I will never forget the happiness, creative expression and freedom that skiing has given me. Recently, I have started my own mental health campaign for people in the mountains and hope to achieve great things this winter for mental health awareness. I tried to do a summer and it sucked so I’m still doing back to back winters – 7 and a half in a row now, freelance writing, working with Revision Skis and ski bumming hard.



“My name is Samantha, but most call me Sammi. I write of Newschoolers, do gear testing, and am a shop rat in Bozeman, MT. I’m currently working with Erica Aarons on the Girls Do Shred website & gear guide!”



I’ve been huge into instagram and blogging since way back when and I recently got into the extreme sports side of photography. I know Emily Tidwell from back home at Hood, and started seeing all her kickass photos of Windells camps and started to pack my camera out with me skiing. I was huge into blogging in middle school and trying to keep real time with what I was doing and the posts I was sharing. Turns out it landed me a some good gigs with brands from back home in Portland! The hard part is that I have never been too great at getting photos of myself, I like being behind the camera. Therefore, I just sorta picked up filming recently; I traded in my DSLR for a new camera and bought a drone to take to the backcountry to film some of the beautiful places I get to ski out here in Montana. So basically I’m becoming obsessed with skiing and how to produce its media.
Mackenzie is supported by ON3P, Trew, Giro, Blackstrap & Panda Poles.


22 year old pro skier out of Whistler, 2014 Olympian. Read our interview here


Bio coming soon!


Canadian Halfpipe Olympic Team member, Two-time X Games Gold medalist, World Champion. Advocate of Protect Our Winters –  Read our iterview here


Bio coming soon!


A colorado based park and street skier – Read our interview here


Bio coming soon!

Brooke is supported by Orage, Dragon Alliance, K2 Skis, Phunkshun Wear and Tall T Productions.


Canadian Slopestyle skier, defending X Games Champion – Read our interview here


Bio coming soon!

Cassie is supported by Canadian Freeskiing, Monster, Giro and The North Face.


Alaskan park skier, skiing Colorado and Hood.


Bio coming soon!


Outdoor adventurer, Athlete and Content Producer.


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Professional All Mountain skier from Sweden.


Bio coming soon!


2014 Olympian, Canadian Professional halfpipe skier. 


Bio coming soon!


Pro skier, director and Girls Do Ski and hiking guide.


Bio coming soon!


Freeskier’s 2015 Skier of the Year, Tatum Monod has made herself a household name with impressive contest results and next level movie segments.


Bio coming soon!

Tatum is supported by Red Bull, Oakley, Rossignol, The North Face and Monod Sports.


A slopestyle skier from France.


Bio coming soon!

Coline is supported by Monster Energy, Volkl, Dalbello, Marker, Picture Clothing, UVEX, Level Gloves and SFR.