Canada boasts some of the steepest mountains, deepest snow, best resorts, cat and heli, and coolest urban terrain in the world. And it’s got more than its fair share of great skiers. Our goal at SBC skier is to celebrate the greatness, diversity and grade-eh skiing in Canada.

SBC skier is about ski culture, pure and simple. We’re that moment before dropping in, that  perfect turn, and that cold beer at the end of the day. This is where athletes and personalities come to tell their stories. Where talented writers and photographers share their winter adventures, whether it’s a day in the Whistler backcountry or in the streets of Montreal.

We’re also about engaging with readers and creating strong communities across  the media spectrum. Our readers are dedicated, engaged, trendsetting and loyal.  


Ren Rob Photo

The Website

  • Days since  the relaunch of SKIER: 125
  • Total posts on since then: 250+
  • Unique pieces of long form journalism: 25+
  • Total shares on those articles: 10,000+
  • Females featured: Eight
  • Canadian Olympians Covered: Five
  • X Games competitors interviewed: Ten
  • Upcoming interviews with: Tatum Monod, Leah Evans, Dylan Siggers, Anna Seagal, Kaya Turski, Sandy Boville, Ahmet Dadali, Paul Bergeron, Kim Lamarre, Jason Arens, Khai Krepela, Jay Lev, Mike Nick, Lauren Cameron, and more.

The Magazine

  • Book size: ~100 pages
  • Number of issues in first volume: Two
  • On the cover: A Canadian ski bum shot by a Canadian ski bum in Canada.
  • Q&A’s, stories and profiles on: Logan Pehota, Mike Shaw, The Dufour Lapointe Sisters, JF Houle, Maxim Arsenault, Kasper Treadway, Felix Rioux, Phil Casabon, Mark Warner, Alexi Godbout, Reuben Krabbe, Jackson Bathgate, and more.
  • Shot on location: Across Canada and and in Haines, Alaska.
  • Circulation: 12,000 Distributed through newsstand sales,  retail shops, and subscriptions
  • Readership: 4.9 per issue
  • Distribution: 58,800 per issue
  • Shot on location: Across Canada and in Haines, Alaska.

Our readers

  • Top five cities: Montreal, Whistler, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto
  • Gender: 54.15% Male – 45.85% Female
  • Age: 27.50% 18-24, 33.50% 25-34, 15.50% 35-44, 23.50% 45+