#SkiingTheStreets: it’s edgy, it’s unique and it makes us rethink our daily surroundings, “is that skiable?!” The guys and gals photographing the streets are equally responsible for transforming a cityscape into something wild. Together skiers and photographers bring fresh eyes to mundane urban areas and turn them into jaw-dropping images that we love to peep.

Photographer: Vyncent Leblanc


After a recent hunt for urban skiing imagery, we came across photographer Vyncent Leblanc. Vyncent grew up in Saint-Cécile-De-Masham Quebec, outside of Ottawa. He picked up his first camera around age 12 he seemingly hasn’t put it down since. Starting on his mom’s old Canon Rebel he drew inspiration from magazines and hundreds of acclamations later, he’s producing images of the same caliber that once inspired him.

“As a kid, I always had a thing for extreme sports. I remember myself at 10 or 11 years old skateboarding with the older boys at the library. During the winter, we were always at the Edelweiss Ski Hill, which is the only one close to my place. I was part of a small friend crew, we were just having fun on the mountain and we would dream of being in a magazine or in a movie, someday.”

Photographer: Vyncent Leblanc


While his photos will lead you to believe he’s been in the big leagues for a while now, Vyncent’s first formal assignment was in 2017 at the “Avant-Ski” in Chelsea, Quebec. “It’s a street contest with the best skiers and riders from Quebec. Just the hype of being there doing my passion was enough for me. Later in February, one of my favorite skiers, Jessy Desjardins, posted a story on his Instagram saying that he and his friends were looking for a photographer in Gatineau. It was the perfect opportunity for me. Next thing you know, I was out there with him and Phil Gaucher, one of the greatest skiers in Quebec, taking pictures for his web series named “Partimeverything”. It was truly a dream coming true.”

“What I love about shooting skiers is that every rider has a different style. They can be so creative with their style and tricks making it really fun to shoot.” – Vyncent Leblanc

When we questioned Vyncent about what keeps him stoked behind the lens he responded, “I mainly do it for the feeling that it brings. Not many people know the intense journey behind the perfect shot. We only see the finished product on our Instagram feed or in our favorite magazine. When you finally get that perfect shot, the feeling is just incredible.” Seems like he’s addicted to a good thing so we’re not too worried about him  ; )

AVANT-SKI. Skier: Dominic Roberts. Photographer: Vyncent Leblanc


Vyncent will be on the prowl shooting around Gatineau, Ottawa and in the Montreal area this season. If you ski pretty, can jib and are headed east give him a follow on Instagram to say what up if you’re in town.  Vynce is aiming to shoot more and hopefully land a few more photos in magazines and of course “be in the streets as much as possible.”

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