So you know a lot about skiing? Here’s your chance to get paid for your knowledge and your time at $10 per second. That’s $40,365.79 for watching CHEAP SKI MOVIE.

It all goes to the first person* to correctly answer 100 skiing history questions that are based on the cameos, trivia, jokes, and clues that are all part of “CHEAP SKI MOVIE.” How easy is that?

Cheap Ski Movie

The official contest questions will be released on January 12, 2011, but you can get a head start on the competition with POWDER magazine. Beginning September 1, 2010 will publish five contest questions per week for ten weeks. Get your Cheap Ski Movie DVD or movie download and you can start working on the first fifty questions before the contest officially starts.

NO PURCHASE IS REQUIRED TO ENTER. Both the contest and streaming video of Cheap Ski Movie will be posted on January 12, 2011. This Contest is void where prohibited.

*All contest entrants must meet eligibility requirements. See Official Rules.

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