Whether you’re still rocking Public Enemies from 2001 or have a big enough quiver to open up your own shop – free skis are often enough to put an ear to ear grin on any skier’s face.

SKIER 11.1

That’s why we reached out to the great people at K2 about getting a brand new pair of Matt Margetts’ skis, the K2 Sights. Not only did K2 send over some freshly pressed skis, we managed to get them sign by the cover boy himself (you could probably fetch a nice 25% premium on NS) All we want to know is what you hated, or loved (yeah, right) about issue 11.1 of SBC SKIER. Don’t get our decade old rag in the mail? Shame on you, but don’t worry – we’ll be posting a ton of magazine content online over the next few weeks. Here’s the various ways you can enter (it’s important to note that by doing so you’re giving us full permission to publish your entry online or in the magazine) –

  • Post your thoughts on our Facebook fan page
  • Tag @sbcskier in a tweet with your criticism or compliments
  • Email us your opinions to info@sbcskier.com
  • Or, do all three and triple your chances of winning!

Happy hating!

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