Session 5 at Windells Camp brought the Level 1 crew out in full force. Tim McChesney, Torin Yater-Wallace, LJ Strenio and Chris Logan were in attendance, hosting awesome activities both on and off the hill. Long Story Short, campers were challenged by jumping, rail jams, chocolate milk chugging, crab walking, and more. There was an abundance of prizes, good times and high fives to go around.

Tim McChesney gets his summer fix in on the 70-foot jump. Photo: Eric Hoffman

Moving Forward, the private park was arguably the best it has been all summer. The bottom rope tow moved up, which meant hot laps all day on Windells’ 70-foot jump, a hip and a copious amount of creative rail features. The lower rope tow still accesses two medium sized jumps to start learning those tricks campers have always dreamed of. The diggers have been on point keeping the private park in immaculate condition every day.

John Kutcher was up there looking, but he couldn’t find any clouds. Photo: Eric Hoffman

The big jump went off the hardest this week. Moving the rope tow up sent the campers, staff, and guest pros into Turbo mode. The amount of progression that went down was truly mind-boggling. Rodeo and cork 1260s, switch 1440s, any double you can imagine, and even a few triples were going down. It was quite an Eye Trip to witness. Make sure to watch for the session 5 video to see the madness go down.

John Ware sessions one of the many transitions the crew found during Session 5. Photo: Eric Hoffman

The Sunny weather and good vibes show no sign of letting up anytime soon. While everyone else is trying to figure out what to do with their summer and escape the heat, the Windells crew is living it up on the snow.

And what would summer camp be without a challenge that involved ingesting strenuous amounts of liquid. Photo: Eric Hoffman

Now it’s time to hit Refresh, as Freeskier is taking over session 6 with Pat Goodnough, Kolby Ward, Charlie Lasser, Matt Walker and Stephen Smith. Here’s to another session without even a Partly Cloudy day.

Session Five Video Recap