Flamingos, boogie boards, piñatas, squirt guns and wiffle ball are things you’d expect to see during spring break, but at Windells during the summer? Freeskier Magazine’s Team Takeover brought the spring break vibes and good times to Mt. Hood. Campers were stoked to partake in activities like the first ever snowboogie race, lots of piñata smashing and even the invention of a completely new sport, double baseball. Just imagine one baseball diamond, two pitchers back to back pitching at the same time, one batter’s second base is the other batter’s home plate, and if you get hit with a ball, you’re out. If it sounds a little hectic, well, it was. On top of awesome activities, Freeskier hosted a meet-and-greet signing with Kolby Ward, Charlie Lasser, Jossi Wells, Stephen Smith, Matt Walker and Torin Yater-Wallace.

Good old black and white. Photo: Gill Montgomery

Yet again, the private park was kept in pristine condition thanks to the great efforts of the diggers. The park still has both rope tows running with around 25 features to choose from. There is no lack of gnarly, creative or just plain fun features. Some crowd favorites this week were the quarterpipes cut into the sides of the biggest jump in the lane. Skiers and snowboarders alike were getting creative all week figuring out new ways to use the transitions.

Piñatas party time. Photo: Gill Montgomery

Takeover athletes held clinics all week on the quarterpipes, the big jump and the rail lines. All sorts of doubles (meaning both double flips and multiple people tricking at once) and rail trickery were going down.

Autograph time. Photo: Gill Montgomery

Tom Wallisch and friends are taking over Session 7, the last ski session of the summer, so stay tuned for the rest of the Windells madness until the snow starts falling.

Session 6 Recap Edit


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