Mother goose, what a time it was. We are just winding down from another Winter X-Games, and all that means is anticipation can start for next years. Its hard to believe what we saw in this years’ competitions. We definitely caught a glimpse of where the sport of freeskiing is heading, and it is really, really awesome.

There are too many highlights to mention like Henrik Harlaut’s nose butter triple cork 1620, Gus Kenworthy’s switch triple rodeo japan, and Alex Shlopy’s attempts at a 1980 in big air. Superpipe saw Joffrey Pollet-Villard’s massive 23+ foot ally-oop flat 5 on his third hit (after 2 first switch hits), and Simon Dumont’s impressive 3rd place performance after breaking both wrists last month. Slopestyle was a dizzying array of pure talent with some of the underdogs taking down the favorites. Nick Goepper took top spot with a well-deserved and flawless run, Henrik Harlaut was rewarded for his style and ingenuity with second place, and James Woods snatched third place from Canadian Alex Bellmare who landed in 4th but was hot on the heels of that podium.

Over the weekend Jossi Wells (Chinchiller) and Colby West (MC Sabretooth) were busy filming their new music video that is set to drop soon. I guarantee that if you are reading this post you will not be able to avoid seeing it once it is released. It was also beautiful to feel the love and spirit of Sarah Burke in the air as athletes and fans alike boasted Sarah stickers and shared their memories of her with everyone. Her husband Rory Bushfield and father Gord Burke were also on hand.

There was no shortage of nightlife this weekend as all of the athletes, industry guests, and Aspenites were out in full force to celebrate the biggest event in action snow sports. There were parties at all the bars and mansions, with some of music’s hottest artists giving performances.

Check out the to see all the details of what went down.  

X Pipe

Pipe Finals

Pipe Crowd

Anticipation for it to all go down.


Joffrey Pollet-Villard


Torin Yater-Wallace stops to take pictures with some fans


Jeff Schmuck and the rest of the crowd look on and witness greatness

Simon on Podium

The Dumont back on the X-Games podium, broken wirsts and all

Yater-Wallace (2nd), Weiss (1st), and Dumont (3rd)

WMNS podium

Rosalind Groenewoud (2nd), Maddie Bowman (1st), Megan Gunning (3rd)

Simon Throwing

Simon Dumont throws his goggles and t-shirt into the crowd…

happy kids

Straight to his friends Peter Olenick and DJ Largechild  … with Michael Olenick

MC Sabretooth

Colby West aka MC Sabretooth after wrapping the hot tub scene for his new music video. Beatmaster DJ Largechild wonders what Colby is wearing. 


Trouble Andrew and Trouble Gang members DJing in the Lodge at the top of Aspen


DJ Largechild loves agrees with Tom that sliders can do no wrong


Dj Largechild : 1’s and 2’s

Trouble Gang


… and thankfully ResQ Water was supplied to all to stay feeling good and hydrated after the longs nights. Unitl next year, goodbye Aspen. 

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