Eastern Canada’s top up-and-coming park skiers were treated to perfect weather and one of the best Slopestyle courses around at the Beaver Valley Cdn Series Slopestyle Open. It was a break-through event for  rising 14 year old stars Evan MacEachran and Olivia Lane who topped the men’s and women’s podiums, respectively, ahead of their more established, older competitors.

Evan MacEachran switch 900 mute

In the Men’s Slopestyle Evan MacEachran qualified 2nd behind Austin Karker, and just ahead of Matt Wilcox (3rd) and older bro Reid MacEachran (4th). But in the finals Evan MacEachran stomped his run consisting of a lipslide on the opening flat down urban ledge; a left rodeo 540 shifty on the first jump; a left switch 900 mute on 45 ft second jump; a right cork 720 tail on the step-up jump; a 270 off to switch 180 on the shotgun rail to butter box combo; a flatspin 360 japan on the last jump; a mute on 80 ft hip; and a hand drag cork 360 over the barrel jib.

Evan MacEachran scored $750 cash and a new iPhone 4 from Telus for the win and then jumped in the car with his older bro to head off to the Vermont Open.

Nikki Blackhall, flat down urban ledge

Matt Wilcox

In the women’s slopestyle Olivia Lane who won last week’s Junior Nationals Slopestyle and Big Air, and competing on her home hill, led from Qualifiers through to the Finals to take $500 cash and a new iPhone from Telus for the win. Nikki Blackall and Gillian Gordon followed in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Thanks to Beaver Valley, Telus, and Canada Post for their sponsor support.

Check this video of the event and results below:

Canadian Series at Beaver Valley – Slopestyle event from David Stewart on Vimeo.

1. $750  – Evan MacEachran, Mt St Louis, ON (Salomon)
2. $500 – Matt Wilcox, Blue Mrn, ON (Atomic, Smith, Voleurz)
3. $250 – Reid MacEachran, Mt St Louis, ON (Liberty, Nordica, Swany)
4. Austin Karcher, Mt St Louis, ON
5. Alexis Lalonde, Quebec
6. Terry Butt, ON
7. Jack Irvine, Mt St Louis, ON
8. Hartley Vibert, ON
9. Spencer Gagnier, ON
10. Dustin Sittler, ON

1. $500 – Olivia Lane, Beaver Valley, ON
2. $300 –  Nikki Blackall, Mt St Louis, ON (Eira)
3. $150 – Jillian Gordon, ON


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