New skis are the absolute best. You know what’s not always the absolute best? Figuring out which ones are right for you, which is exactly why we have a super simple breakdown on Factions new 20/21 skis. Start here, investigate and pull the trigger on their website. Happy ski nerding!

Agent Series
Free-touring skis that are all about the downhill. Day tour, weekend trip, week-long expedition or inbounds ripping, this is your one ski to do it all.

Faction Agent Series

Dictator Series
Boasting two full sheets of metal for fast, furious performance. Both long arcs and short radius turns. Instant reaction in moguls & trees.

Faction Dictator Series

Candide Thovex Signature Series
Big rocker + mellow camber + taper = ideal blend of carving and smearing. React instantly to every obstacle, just like Candide.

Candide Thovex Signature Series

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