The first couple of days World Ski and Snowboard Festival (WSSF) in Whistler, BC, featured the media events, including the 72-hour Filmmaker Showdown, The Sea-to-Sky Photo Challenge, and Intersection. The electric events were hosted at The Westin and the ballroom was rocking! The judges and crowd were seemingly on the same wave-length, with the winner of each event also taking home people’s choice as well.

72-Hour Filmmaker Showdown

 Teams will be put to the test as they are invited to shoot, edit and produce a 3-5 minute film in just 72 hours. Forget big budgets and exotic locations, this competition is all about how creative filmmakers can get by filming within 100km of Whistler. The grand prize of $5000 is open to all aspiring filmmakers, but it takes grassroots grit, originality, imagination and great storytelling to steal centre stage.

Returning champions 2 Dontas, 1 Proctor took home the glory again this year with their film Pizza Problem and the crowd agreed with the judges decision, giving them people’s choice as well.

Sea-to-Sky Photo Challenge

The Sea to Sky Photo Challenge, produced by Holly Fraser, was a grassroots twist on the Pro Photographer Showdown from previous years.  The showcase featured five photographers – Antole Tuzlak, Matthew Bruhns, Steffi Jade, Laura Szanto and Nicolas Teichrob – who presented their portfolios and showcased their favorite images capturing the essence of sports, culture, and the human spirit. The Best in Show winner was determined by a panel of renowned commercial and editorial photographers, including Scott Serfas, Abby Cooper, Blake Jorgenson, Aaron Blatt and Robin O’Neill

Nicolas Teichrob, won Best in Show and a cash prize of $3,000 at The Sea to Sky Photo Challenge as well as People’s Choice.

Ucluelet based photographer, Nicolas Teichrob, is a multi-disciplinary visual artist creating largely in the realm of outdoor adventure. His photography has been published in magazines across the globe in skiing, mountain biking and general outdoor genres. Check out his instagram here

One of Nicolas’ Photos


intersection, the last of the three multimedia shows at World Ski & Snowboard Festival, was an event that pushed five crews of artist snow sport visionaries to their limits as they challenged themselves to shoot, edit, and submit a four to six minute winter action sports edit within 12 days.

The Reserves, a last-minute edition to WSSF’s Intersection line up took home a cash prize of $10,000. Led by Joey Kraft, this crew and their film titled “Drop Out” did a mountain culture spoof on punk rockers and it was truly amazing.

The newcomers, Shmobb, led by Caleb Chomlack, claimed second place and $5,000 cash prize, with event veterans Out of Service claiming third place and a cash prize of $2,000. The Reserves, on top of their first place prize took home a $500 Gibbons Whistler Gift Card for People’s Choice. 

Photos and video courtesy of WSSF