Skiing is an art. Painting the mountain gracefully with skis is beautiful to watch and to feel first hand. But what about those artists that ski?! They’re making masterpieces in the studio and on the slopes, impressive right? Our “Art of Skiing” series aims to get into the minds of these admirable humans.


Will first learned to ski on the carpet in 1999. As you might know, Yorkshire England doesn’t get much snow but instead encourages its youngsters to throw themselves down hillsides covered in the stuff you’d normally scrape your boots on, carpet. After years of practice, he got his first taste for the white stuff on a family holiday to Austria. Since then he’s been hooked. He’s chased the mountains, season after season in pursuit of new and exciting terrain. Working in France, Austria, Canada, and the USA as a ski holiday guide. Now settled in Banff he endeavors to create engaging and immersive images that push him to climb new peaks, chase sunrises/sets and wait out the most elusive of wildlife.

Then and now, meet Will Lambert.


What about skiing inspires your photography?
WL: For me, it’s the ability to combine two of my passions. Skiing & Photography. It gives me a greater appreciation of how lucky we are to have the Rockies as our backyard. The opportunity to take a step back from chasing the best line and creating an image that transports the viewer into the moment is what I aspire to do. (Insider Tip: As the photographer, you often get the first drop on a line anyway as your shooting uphill… trade secrets!)

Have you ever put photos on skis? OR thoughts on doing so?
WL: No I haven’t but this could be awesome. There’s some pretty great top sheet art around nowadays – maybe this is the next step in customization.

Where can we see your work?
WL: Online mostly. Instagram and Facebook are my main two platforms used to get my work out there. The ability to connect with people all over the globe at the click of a button never ceases to amaze me.

Peyto Lake, AB by Will Lambert.

What’s your next creative project?
WL: I’ve been working on a few side projects this summer with SkiBig3 and some of the ambassador team in the Bow Valley; in and amongst plenty of backcountry trips.

Do you have any ski-related goals you hope to accomplish this season?
WL: A cover shot would be an incredible achievement but just seeing some work in print will hopefully be my goal. We have some fantastic opportunities for early season skiing locally so I’m aiming to catch that shoulder season in full force. Other than that, I’d love to get out on some powder chasing trips to BC, maybe even heli-ski.

What do you hope people feel when they experience your artwork?
WL: Honestly, if they have an opinion on it I’ll be happy. It means at least its making the viewer feel something! Ideally, if it makes them want to grab their gear and get out in the mountains then it’s a job well done.

Canadian Rockies showing off their snowpack and shadows captured by Will Lambert.

What puts you in your studio groove to create?
WL: Good coffee, a view of the mountains and some tunes on in my headphones. The ‘zone out’ combo!

How did you get into photography?
WL: Through my dad. He always had a camera in their hand for as long as I can remember. A 2-hour photo review session would follow family holidays, where my Dad would hook up the camera to the TV and we’d relive the moments captured, even if there were 30 shots of the same composition! He taught me that persistence is key to getting that ‘perfect’ image.

Describe your artist style in 3 words:
WL: Immersive. Layered. Landscape

Describe your skiing style in 3 words:
WL: Sloppy, Lazy, Unphotogenic (Should be titled “3 reasons why I’m the other side of the camera!”)

Stunning vista by Will Lambert.

Current song on repeat?
WL: Because I’m Me – The Avalanches … I’ve got Tom Wallisch – Imagination to thank for that!

Guilty pocket snack?
WL: A wise man once told me to always carry a Ziploc at the buffet, pocket Bacon.

Who’s inspiring you these days?
WL: Elise Sterck, Eric Berger, Eric Sales, Reuben Krabbe. All incredible ski photographers with their own individual style.

Are you comfortable creating in other mediums, if yes what’s drawn you to each?
WL: I’ve tried my hand at videography in the past. Visual storytelling is so addictive but boy does it take a lot of work, big props to them! Other than that I love music, carpentry, and painting – all very therapeutic.

What our dreams are made of, blue bird powder days. Captured by Will Lambert.

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